Thursday, April 3, 2014

You're Invited

Whether you are part of C3, have been in the Thompson clan's corner along the way, followed Chaia's story, or are just curious about what this is all about, I really want to invite you to our one year birthday bash as a church!

City Campus Church is turning one. For a new church, we celebrate every milestone because so much is unpredictable in this process.

So, Year one in the books. People getting baptized. Remembering where God has taken us and praying through where God will take us next. Maybe some other things up our sleeve. And ice cream cake.

I can't say it enough. Be there.


Aunt Jill said...

Oh ice cream cake! So tempting!

Mama Karen said...

Wish I could but know I am so excited for you to be celebrating 1 year!!!! How wonderful!!! I will be praying it is a fantastic celebration of God's love for his people! Enjoy some ice cream cake for me :) Oh, and Ben, are you sure you're allowed to be eating that cake? LOL

Wood said...

Mmmmm cake.....sorry I can't be there but will be praying you all up!,