Thursday, December 18, 2014


Hey friends, we are two and a half years into this church planting journey.

Looking back at 2014 has been pretty cool. 16 more people took ownership of their faith and were baptized.

Shaina and I have been investing in 12 leaders in discipleship and leadership. Those 12 were unleashed a few months ago to begin investing in people in their communities. So the first generation of disciples was 12. The second generation at last count is 45.

In 12 to 18 months, the hope is the 45 will begin being unleashed to invest in the third generation.

Disciples making disciples who make disciples.

We launched our fifth missional community and have apprentices identified who could launch communities 6, 7 and 8 in 2015.

We are beginning to develop a Missional Residency that will be a 12-18 month incubator for people thinking about launching missional movements where disciples making disciples is central. The goal of this residency will be to hone the calling for these people to then be ready to launch them out to plant churches using C3's DNA.

By our 5th birthday, another City Campus Church planted in one of the 10 largest university contexts in the country.

God is at work.

One thing we have learned in this process is that the goal we set to be fully self-sustaining in three years is ambitious! As things stand, we have just over 100 people who call C3 home, predominantly people aged 18-30 and many who are new to church or have been gone for a long time.

It looks like we are going to need another 2 years to reach the self-sustainability mark and we could use your help.

If you are not part of C3, would you consider joining Team Thompson and support Shaina, Chaia and me at $100/month for 2 years? Our goal is to find 20 $100/month partners for the next two years to help bridge the gap to sustainability. So far we are about 25% of the way to our goal! Would you help us?

If you are part of C3, would you look at your 2015 budget and invest generously in what God is doing in your church?

The story that God is writing in Columbus is a good one. And your prayers and support are the catalyst for change to start here.

If you are interested in being a continued gift to C3, contact me at or click the give option here and click give online in top right corner.

Thanks to all who continue to follow our story, pray for C3 and for Chaia and are in someway being blessed by our mess.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Not Knowing

Well...we started our trip to the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland with a kid screaming on a plane during boarding.

It was our kid.

We ended the week in Columbus airport at around 11 pm Friday night with a kid hurling in the airport hallway.

Also our kid.

The kicker is that these probably weren't the low points of the trip.

Chaia had a series of imaging/xrays/echos that she was slated for in order for us to have a better picture of her overall health...(how her bones are her heart is her pseudo tumor is doing...etc.)

She successfully flailed and screamed her way out of literally every single test. Inconclusive results across the board.

On top of that, Chaia and I had we were in low level quarantine, which included a move from the Children's Inn to a hotel.

Not exactly the week we anticipated.

So more of this story is grounded in the not knowing.

We used to hate that place. Why aren't their answers? Why can't you say for sure? Why don't we know?

Now we're ok there. Can't fully explain it, but maybe the biggest moment in this for me was finding peace in the not knowing.

God has this. And there's actually a sense of hope and joy and peace that can explode ever so subtly on the scene when we embrace the not knowing.

We've been off the track in regards to the scientifically verifiable...cold hard facts...for awhile now.

And the not knowing actually seems to be adding life rather than taking it away.

So...all things considered, a week of screaming and flailing has left us not knowing.

But He is faithful. His orchestration is magnificent. His timing impeccable. And His yoke light.

And His fingerprint is all over our story.

And if you'd stop the striving and the stressing for a minute, you might see it all over your story too.

There's glory in the not knowing.

This I KNOW for sure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NIH Round Two

We leave Wednesday morning for our second visit to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. They are probably the foremost research institute in regards to this rare genetic disease that Chaia has.

Not sure that much will change in terms of treatment/meds.

Here's a few ways we could use your prayers:

1. Chaia and Daddy have been battling head cold/congestion for a few days. Pray that we could both kick that prior to the trip there.

2. Pray that we would find contentment and delight in God, despite any news, developments or prognoses that are given (joy is not circumstantial!)

3. Pray that Chaia cooperates. It is really hard to get a 3 year old to do what you need them to. It's even harder to get a 3 year old with aversion/sensitivity issues to sit still while jelly is put all over her stomach/chest for an echo. We haven't had a good echo or ekg in months.

4. Pray for wisdom and clarity and direction. We will be looked at more in terms of how PXE/GACI is a risk for us and we may find out more about the risks of future children having the disease.

5. Pray for endurance. We're coming into this under slept and under the weather. That is not a great combination. Medical Days like these are seemingly equal to 10 normal days of life. Pray for us to embrace perseverance no matter what may come.