Friday, April 17, 2015

C3 Prayer Final Day (Saturday): Children

The motto of Stadia, the church planting organization C3 planted through is "We won't stop until every child has a church."

Here is a video we did for Stadia that highlights some of the ways that we have tried to be good news for kids in Columbus and globally as well.

Join us in praying for continued impact on kids.

Many folks who come to faith in Christ do so in the window of life from age 4-14. Kids matter. They mattered to Jesus and they should matter to His people.

Pray for our friends at GEMS and GPS schools that we can continue to be a blessing.

Pray for our friends in Weinland Park, an economically beat up part of Columbus. We have a missional community living and serving in that area and connecting with kids in particular.

Reflect in prayer about what ways you have a heart for kids and how you can be more engaged in making sure every child has a church!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

C3 Prayer Day 5 (Friday) Provision

Interesting that God is linked to breath, bread and water...three things that sustain life. It is if He wants to make clear that He is the perfect Need Meeter. So we go to him, not as a wish maker to a genie, but as children approaching their Father, who is good, and will not give us a stone, when we need bread.

Pray for God's provision in these 10 areas related to C3/your personal life.

1. One significant need you sense in your own life that you would ask God to meet (not for selfish gain but for His honor and glory).

2. One thing you need God to move on in your family.

3. One thing you need in your job/studies.

4. Pray for the leaders of your Missional Community to experience God's provision in a significant way.

5. Pray for the Thompsons, Noel and his fiancée Sophia, and the Burkys. All three are in raising financial support to be on staff at C3. Pray that God would supply their every need. Pray for provision for their families, sustenance and guidance as C3's leaders.

6. Pray for City Campus Church. We are at 60% self-sustaining as a church and need God to stir the generosity of His people and raise up more folks to take the hill with us, so that we can keep going for the things God has put on our hearts.

7. Pray for the least, last and lost of the city of Columbus. What does good news look like? How can we embody it?

8. Pray for the Churches of Columbus, pray that deep trust and faith would lead to breakthrough in provision. Pray for unity and collaboration to be more and more the story of a Gospel centered movement in our city.

9. Pray for the issues of racial reconciliation and violence that plague our city and our country. Pray that God would provide hope and comfort and peace.

10. Pray for someone you know who is not close to God. Pray for God to become their sustenance and provision.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

C3 Prayer Day 4 (Thursday): C3 Church Plants

In our short term, we have had the opportunity to be involved in planting other churches. Replication is a core value at C3 and so any opportunity we have to have a hand in introducing new Jesus movements to new areas, we want to join in how ever we can.

Today pray for

Access Church in Dublin (suburb of Columbus) with lead planters Mark and Christi Cox. We helped them bridge the gap to 2015 with a Christmas gift. They are looking toward a September launch this year. Pray for the Cox family as they continue to try and grow a critical mass to launch with. Ask for favor in their neighborhood and for people to come to faith because of their work.

New Dawn Church in Tosagua, Ecuador. Pray for the 200+ kids who have been sponsored through Compassion International because of this church existing. Pray for the 25+ of those kids who have been sponsored by C3. Ask God to bring salvation and basic provision to these kids and their families and pray for God to raise up men in this village as there is a significant absence of male role models in this area of Tosagua.

Akapun Church in Zihuateutla, Mexico. Pray for the 173 kids who have been sponsored through Compassion International because of this church existing. Pray for the 10 kids sponsored by C3. Pray for the staff/tutors who do the ministry at this site. The travel to the families' homes is very rough terrain. Pray for the completion of their church building/ministry center. There is a portion of the roof still needing to be complete and windows to be installed. Pray for God to bring salvation and basic provision to these kids and their families.

C3 Austin in Austin, Texas. This plant is very much in the dream phase as we announced this past Sunday, but God has our attention and we will proceed as He leads. Pray for the Burky family. Pray for their transition to Columbus. Pray for God's favor with finding the right housing/neighborhood. Pray protection over their family and quick retention of C3's DNA and huge impact in Columbus. And pray for the networks and partnerships to begin to form supernaturally to make a church plant in Austin happen. Ask God for supernatural favor at the University of Texas and clarity for where in Austin God is stirring this church plant.

??? Pray for Carl Wiencek who is interning with C3 this summer. Ask God to give him clarity on if church planting is his calling and if so, ask God to reveal When, Where, What and How that plant is supposed to happen.