Tuesday, January 23, 2018

5-4-3-2-1 This is Church

City Campus Church has some simple, yet unique DNA that we are consistently aligning ourselves to. It's our ethos for where we are going and how we are trying to get there. It's as simple at 5-4-3-2-1.


We are a values driven church, which means that these values direct our thinking and actions on a micro (individually) and macro level (in community). Based off Acts 2:42-47, our five values as a church are

Celebration...a win for you is a win for me and it is right to give thanks.

Community...we are better together than we could ever be apart.

Change...God doing a transforming work in us and doing a transforming work through us.

Generosity...We give more than we take.

Replication...Multiplying at every level. Disciples making Disciples who make disciples. Communities making communities who make communities. and Churches making churches who make churches.


Each of our Missional Communities have 4 rhythms that help us to live out a Gospel centered life.

Substance. This is where we share God's Word together and apply it in meaningful ways.

Social. Jesus found himself sharing meals and enjoying people frequently. We want to do the same. Have fun and build relationships.

Serve. Each community partners with a specific cause in our city. One supports foster parents and their kids, one supports the under-resourced on the West side, one partners with chronically and terminally ill children and their families and one partners with single mothers on the East side. Our serves are about fostering relational capital (not just doing nice things but being connected with the people we serve) and kingdom impact. We want to do things that are close to the heart of God.

Sabbath. In a culture that goes with reckless pace, we choose to live an alternative story and catch our breath and slow down.

These rhythms are all to be done at least once each in a 6 week window. We are low control (each community determines where they are heading) but high accountability (they have to own our 4 rhythms and our 5 values).


We think that discipleship happens in three vehicles and encourage our folks to hop in the right vehicles at the right time in their faith journey.

Celebration...It's our Sunday morning gathering. There you will experience music and teaching and communion and prayer and baptisms.

Missional Community...Groups of 15-40 people doing life together (family) and serving a specific context (mission). We are a family on mission.

Huddle...Groups of 3-8 folks who go through a very intentional process of learning how to consistently lean into the Most Important 2 Questions (see below)


We believe that every person who is following Jesus can answer the two most important questions:

What is Jesus Saying?

What am I Going to Do About It?


People being change(d) in the city of Columbus. If we really matter and make a difference in this city then if we closed our doors or stopped our missional communities, who in the city would be upset or miss our presence? If the answer is no one, then this DNA isn't really taking root.

This way of church isn't for everyone. But we consciously and consistently seek to choose presence over polish, development over delivery and low control with high accountability as the way to live out this story. We have seen God do some pretty amazing things in these first 5 years as a church and now we are beginning to look toward the next five with hope and expectancy of how He will move! Hope you'll join us for the ride!