Monday, March 31, 2014

So Long Sweet Nectar of God

My beloved,

You have been with me since college, by my side in the hard seasons, celebrating with me in the good seasons, and in many ways my life has functioned better with you in it.

I will always remember you for getting me through seminary, while I also worked two jobs, one of which was at 4 in the morning. You kept me going.

And when Chaia was born and for virtually the first 18 months of her life, you walked with me through the sleepless nights and grueling days.

I arranged my nights eating out to be close to you. Even on date nights, I would take my wife where I knew you would be. You have been a delight to me.

But we are a train wreck together. I get angry and irritable when you don't show up in my life consistently. You continually try to sabotage our Dave Ramsey budget with your need to be with me.

So today is our last day together.

We've had an amazing run, and your very natural sounding, dew of the hills has providing refreshing for a long time. But fat Ben has to go. And you're a big contributor to his existence.

So today is it. I will hold you. Bring you to my lips, like I've done many times over the last 12 years. But then I will throw you in the trash (ok...ok...the recycling bin) and we will be finished for good.

Today my love affair/dependency on caffeinated beverages, namely Mountain Dew, in all her majestic beauty, will end.

And with her, hopefully goes Fat Ben in a mission to move from 235 lbs to 185 lbs in one calendar year by making 12 small incremental changes over the course of the year.

So here's to one final day of indulgence before April arrives.

If I were you, I wouldn't talk to me for a week.


Joanne Sadlon said...

You can joke all you want, but an addiction is an addiction and you will need prayers to get you through! (for me, it's Coffeemate "fancy creams". They've got to go!)

Cindy Penrod said...

I was afraid of you before, now I'm REALLY afraid. I think I'll avoid you a bit. JUST KIDDING!! I'm so proud of you for kicking a habit that has hundreds of thousands of folks world-wide in the grip of absolute dependence. You can accomplish this for the glory of God. Praying you through. So thankful for your inspiration to us all!

Studie said...

I feel you pain, Ben. I stopped Caffeine Sept. 2011. So I am 30 months removed from addiction and caffeine withdraw headaches. Stay strong and committed.