Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Prayer from a prayer

Hanging out in Psalm 51:1-12 this week.

Here's my prayer today after reflecting on first couple verses

Lord, my sins are staring me down. I am far from you. Far from good. Far from where you desire me to be.

But in you I am also far from gone. You are generous. Your very nature is to give. To give us life. To give us your Son. To give us your Spirit. Your counsel. Your wisdom. Your very presence.

How quick am I to make it about me paying it forward? As if I were able to add something to your generosity…add something to your mercy. Yet in all my attempts to add, I fail.

But my failing does not subtract from your generosity…it reinforces it’s steadfastness.

You aren’t going anywhere.

This isn’t conditional.

Forgive me for my distorted view of you. Thank you that you have the yesterday, today and forever track record I need. Your reputation is impeccable. Your love is irrefutable. You don’t glare at my fear or wince at my insecurity.

Instead you whisper, Do not be afraid. It is safe here.

You are rescue. You are refuge. You are sanctuary.

You are a Clorox wipe to my deepest stain.

Whatever you detect in me. You are always ever correcting me. You delight in disinfecting me. You resurrect me.

And my heart beats.

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Cindy Penrod said...

Meaningful interpretation. His Word is always current, instructive, applicable, and piercing. I'm so grateful for this Holy Road-map, this Love-letter that we call 'Bible'. So thrilled that little Chaia loves her Bible, and that she loves to pick it up throughout the day and page through it, delighting in it's stories and sharing with whomever is around(especially Old Testament 'Daddy Abraham/Mommy Sarah/Baby Isaac' and New Testament 'Paul' !!).