Monday, March 10, 2014

This is Where The Healing Begins

Have you ever thought about God's orchestration?

My assumption often is that when I don't get my way or the things I've prayed long and hard about, that God's not orchestrating as He ought.

But He knows better.

We took Chaia to the hospital in 2011 and they told us it was probably a bug and dismissed us. She was having a heart attack and they dismissed us.

I'm tempted to be pretty ticked off about that. How do you dismiss a two month old who is breathing 90 times a minute? Chaia ended up losing about 25% of her heart function largely because of that misstep. That should not happen. For anyone, but especially a baby.

But the reality is that she likely would have lost way more than that if they would have admitted her.

She was worse...went to Akron Children's worse...and went to Cleveland worse...and then was given 5 days to live.

God's fingerprints were absent from our story. 4 hospitals in a week and then 5 days to live without any explanations.

Then a geneticist.

A geneticist who specializes in rare genetic diseases sees Chaia. She happened to read an article about a rare genetic disease that caused calcifications in arteries of little ones.

She happened to read an article.

Less than 80 cases of this disease ever documented.

We happened to get passed on from three hospitals to end up at a hospital where a geneticist happened to specialize in crazy genes and happened to read an article.

I know there's plenty of skeptics and cynics out there...I tend to be one.

But come on. At some point this goes beyond coincidence and luck and goes to freaky.

Thousands of people praying for a little girl most of them had never met...asking God to orchestrate something most of us have never seen. A dead heart coming to life. Broken bones being made whole. A little girl fighting for life...the very thing she is named for.

My script? Instant healing. From broken to whole instantaneously.

His script? Allow us to trust Him. To have our character discover hope...hope that doesn't disappoint.

And in that process to allow others to enter in and realize that it's never been about JUST her dead heart.

The place where healing begins is where God is given permission and freedom to orchestrate.

Healing begins where we acknowledge that 1) He is at work. 2) He is for us.

Healing doesn't always mean the doesn't always mean sickness and death go doesn't always mean that we get what we want.

It means He is God and we are not.

And we are ecstatic about it.

Stuck? Doubting? Fearful? Anxious?

Start here...Is He at work? Is He for you?

And may the healing story be your story too.

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Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome God. This IS where the healing begins.