Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Thoughts Post Super Bowl

1. I don't remember defeating Shaina before in the annual Thompson Super Bowl bet, so this is a strange but good feeling. The Seahawks were the first over all pick in the bet by me.

2. The game and commercials were largely let downs. The half time show was actually better than expected. I'm not Bruno Mars guy, so that is a big deal that I was mildly entertained.

3. Peyton Manning looked confused and under duress most of the night. That's a rarity and credit needs to go to Seattle's D and their coaching.

4. Seattle's talent level is high especially on defense. I feel like the Browns are one or two moves away from having that kind of effectiveness. They must keep TJ Ward.

5. Speaking of the browns...if cultural theorists are correct in saying that on average it takes 7 years for the culture of an organization to truly shift to a new direction, then the complete lack of success since 1999 is less about "the right quarterback", the misses in the draft, and the lack of key free agent signings and MORE about a complete lack of continuity in leadership. Pete Carroll has created a culture. John Fox has created a culture. Marvin Lewis...Mike Tomlin...Bill Belichek...culture.

6. The leadership turnover has caused severe distrust for any viable candidates considering coming to coach the organization. It is also leading to players interest levels dissipating too. Why go to a place of continual turnover?

7. Doritos time travel commercial was my favorite. There were some bizarre ones...captivating storylines and then U turns to a product that made no sense with the story line.

8. Fascinating to see how a number of companies are spending their 4 million dollars on an ad spot to promote a cause. It strikes me as a bit manipulative. You spent 4 million dollars to put your name next to a really good cause and promote things like donating a dollar for every download of a song. Why not donate the 4 million dollars instead? It's a marketing ploy. Effective (because we becoming a cause driven culture)...but leaves a weird taste in my mouth.

9. Shaina had selected a John Legend concert in Indianapolis if she won. I had selected the OSU vs. Michigan game. I won!

10. But what she doesn't know is that she won too. I already ordered the Legend tickets.

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Cindy Penrod said...

You, Ben, are an eternal romantic, and a treasured son-in-law. Love you, Son!