Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creation vs. Evolution...One Thought

I missed the debate between Ham and Nye about Evolution and Creation.

Maybe you found it helpful.

Or maybe like most people, you just nodded your head with whatever the guy in your camp said.

I tried to come at it from a purely scientific perspective in high school. Rejecting the notion of God led me there.

But obviously my life is devoted to being a disciple of Jesus now. A lot has changed in my life.

A key thought that has changed everything for me comes out of Genesis 1. In the beginning God created...the Hebrew word there is "barah".

And that word is used repeatedly in the Hebrew Scriptures and it is exclusively used by the Hebrew writers as something God alone did.

Only God creates.

That is the essence of Genesis One. I don't know that the writer of Genesis was like, "Oh I hope they understand that I mean a literal 7 day creation!" or "I hope they understand that the seven days are wide spans of time in which the earth was formed and inhabited."

The essence of Genesis 1 is Only God creates.

Fascinating to tie in Psalm 51 where David is crying out to God to create in him a new heart after he had committed adultery with Bathsheba.

David prays "Barah in me a new heart". He knew his only shot at being changed was if God rewired his heart.

Fast forward to Paul in the New Testament...a Hebrew of Hebrews...a scholar wrecked by Jesus...he would have known the rich heritage of "Barah" and (in Greek) he writes in one of his letters: "If anyone is in Christ, there is new creation."

I can honestly say God made something new in me when I came to faith.

I can honestly say God has been making something new in Chaia and that is why she is climbing stairs and causing mayhem rather than buried and gone.

The beauty of the Scriptures lands on one essential foundation...Only God creates.


Mama Karen said...
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Mama Karen said...

Great post. I listened to the debate....and got bored with the debate. It didn't work to change anyone's mind. God creates! Yes! Did he do it 1000 year increments? I have no idea. What I do know is God did it and I like it!