Thursday, January 16, 2014

12 Steps to 185

I've been in a lifelong battle with Fat Ben.

Tipped the scales in December at 234 lbs.

My parents were both gone by the time I was 30. Strokes and Heart Disease are family heirlooms.

I don't like discipline when it comes to diet and exercise.

My sophomore year of college my roommate, a former cross country runner and I decided that we would run together to start each weekday. Run, pray and eat breakfast. He took me on a 3.5 mile trek the first day. It was the last day either of us ran all semester.

I don't like discipline when it comes to diet and exercise.

But I don't like 234 MORE.

Previous attempts at health and fitness have been stifled by my all or nothing mindset. Making sweeping changes all at once and falling off the wagon by week 4.

So I'm going to try a 12 step plan in 2014. Each month eliminate or add something of value.

So here's what the beginning looks like.

January-- Eliminate Fast Food chains (so far so good)

February-- Work out 4 times a week for 30 minutes minimum (got my gym membership and have started this in January but want to be completely dedicated to the 4 times a week piece by February.)

March-- Drink a half gallon of water every day (This will be hard)

April-- End my love affair with mountain dew. (This will be harder)

May--Commit myself to get 7 hours of sleep every night.

June--Find a doctor (and a dentist) in Columbus and set up a check up for both.

That is the plan for the first 6 steps toward 185.

I'm open to some suggestions for the final six? What are some things you've said no (or yes) to that have been critical decisions toward your health? Or step up and announce a change or two (or 12) you want to make in 2014.

I think small adjustments might lead Fat Ben to the tipping point where he doesn't get to come around anymore.

Here's to 12 simple steps in 2014 to let Fit Ben come out and play.


MIck said...

Here's a suggestion: research the health benefits for what is known as the Paleo diet (caveman/primal/etc.), and consider/pray about it. I gave it a two week trial period last June, and I lost over 60 pounds in 6.5 months. But it helped with sooo much more than weight-loss. I highly recommend it.

My plan for change in 2014 is to follow up my healthy-eating with being more physically active.

Good luck, Ben!

Studie said...

Ben, thank you for the sermon this morning you are inspiring. My son Jacob (wheelchair) in 1st service was inspired by your (God's) message to pray more. Health tip: always workout 1st thing in morning. #1 it is proven to burn more calories on an sedate stomach. #2 it is proven to be the most consistent time to workout. IE nothing gets in the way early morning.

audrey maarschalk said...

replace something you eat that isnt healthy with something that is that you also enjoy- example, instead of chips opt for blue diamond bold flavored almonds (honey dijon flavored etc.) low carbs, high in healthy fats... make small changes, stick to them, then do more small changes. if it feels subtle you are more likely to stick with it. i like to think of it as not giving up something, but getting more healthy years with my family and saving on medical bills :)