Monday, January 20, 2014

Why You Should Root For the Seahawks

Some of you couldn't care less about the Super Bowl.

Some of you are big Peyton Manning fans (as am I).

But you want the Seahawks to win.

Sure I have them in the annual Thompson Super Bowl Date Bet (If I win, we do a sporting event. If Shaina wins, we do something artsy and cultural...and Shaina has won the last 4 years).

But that's not why.

It's because I think Pete Carroll is a good dude.

When we were in the Cleveland Clinic, the Seahawks were slated to play the Browns and the Seahawks were looking for a place to run their Saturday morning run-through practice. They contacted my cousin Steve who was in the athletic department at Case Western to see if they could use their field. Steve said yes.

And then Pete Carroll thanked Steve and said is there anything we can do to show our appreciation? And Steve said, well, my cousin's little girl is fighting for her life in the Cleveland Clinic, would you be willing to sign a card or something for her?

He said, "We can do even better."

And the entire team signed this with GET WELL CHAIA written on it.

When the Browns traded Richardson, I jumped ship. And joined the Seahawks bandwagon.

Then they won a couple and Richardson didn't help his new team. So we started dating again.

Then they did what they do every year...change the leadership.

And so the Seahawks are my team. The Browns are my AFC team, but until the ineptitude stops, its long live the Seahawks!

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Cindy Penrod said...

I remember the day that helmet was delivered to the Cleveland Clinic! What an encouragement it was to all of us. It's always a godly thing to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone and do something extra special for folks who need a 'hug' in life. I had never really been a 'football' person (ouch...did I just say that?), but the day that helmet showed up, I stepped it up. :) If God can work through football players (and He obviously CAN), then I am in!