Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksliving Part 5

2013 has brought quite a range of good and hard things.

One milestone that we are incredibly thankful for is that we were able to move into a house...the first place in 10 years of marriage that we can truly call our own and make our home.

We love the neighborhood we are in and the neighbors we have.

And it has given us a place to shoot for our goal of 100 meals around the table every year where people can join with our family and share life together.

Shaina has incorporated teal and chevron in about every room in the house and slowly but surely she is making it an incredible space that is both welcoming and relaxing.

Lord willing we will be able to call this our home for years to come and see our family raised here...see disciples made here...see broken marriages redeemed here...see people come to faith here...see leaders developed and unleashed here.

This place is a gift and we want to steward it back to God to change the world.

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Cindy Penrod said...

And a lovely home it is, too! Chaia is at peace there, and loves to sit on the porch blowing bubbles, greeting passersby with a friendly 'hi!' and sharing her little princess wave. Columbus is blessed to have you. You have made your heart God's home, and now He has provided this wood & brick home to be used for Kingdom purpose. Looking forward to reports of what God continues to do in Columbus, and ultimately the world!!