Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksliving Day 4

Chaia continues to trend in the direction of unexplainable.

God has a knack for hanging out in that realm.

Her strength is coming back and for the first time in a year she is weight-bearing on her arms and even picking herself up from laying to sitting. It looks like she is also moving toward a return to crawling! And she's even allowing weight bearing on her feet, so the thought of standing and walking is on the table for the first time in a very long time.

Still no throwing up!

I can't tell you the relief. The joy. The fun it is to actually get to see these things as a parent rather than focus on cleaning up the puke, pushing the meds/treatments, etc. We still have a huge role as caretaker to this munchkin, but these milestone moments that are supposed to be normal, have been anything but with her.

I'm thankful that God is still at work.

And I'm thankful that for whatever reason, so many people around the country and the world have tuned in to plead for a miracle on our behalf.

We are likely heading toward removing the Broviac tube in her chest, removing her NG Tube in her nose and then giving her a G tube that will allow meds and possible nutrition to be given through a port in her stomach. Not ideal, but eating is just a long way off still and she is becoming more social with kids and the giant tube on her face could become a barrier socially.

But we are heading toward our third Christmas with her and our second straight far away from the hospital!

This kiddo is as sweet as they come.


Cindy Penrod said...

I'm in perpetual 'thanksliving' over God's miracle power at work in this sweet girl. Praising God for each & every milestone, each and every day. May God continue the work He has begun, until it is fully completed.

Kim Dravenstott said...

Happy Birthday little Chaia! What a joy you are!

Anonymous said...

God shows his love and blessing to all of us through this sweet baby.