Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksliving Part 6

Work hard...Play Hard.

Its a necessity in the world of church planting.

The demands of our physical, emotional and spiritual energy are massive as God initiates a new expression of His bride.

That is why it is imperative for church planters to be intentional about having fun.

Shaina and I had just gone through the gauntlet of our first Celebration service and four days of calling hours and funerals for her grandpa and my mom. On top of all the care for Chaia...we were spent.

And so we went to Exponential Conference...a gathering of church planters.

Some dear friends of ours got us a spa finder gift card and we started the week off with a couples massage (honestly one of the best gifts ever!)

Then we ended the week in Orlando by flying 18,000 feet in the air and purposefully electing to evacuate the plane even though there was nothing wrong with it!

And skydiving was checked off the bucket list...from the highest altitude tandem spot in the world.

I think I'm of the mind that the fun experiences we have need to be high capacity because the nature of the church planting grind is incredibly high demand as well.

Work Hard...Play hard.

Thankful for friends who would push me out of my comfort zone to get a massage...(I don't remember much beyond the first five minutes!) and thankful for a wife who makes me be more adventurous that I'd like to be.

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