Wednesday, October 23, 2013

She's growing up

In case you need a pick up...We've been trying to get Chaia to add at least a word a week to build her vocab.

Here's the last two weeks

She has been off of treatment for a month now.

Her calcifications are not being treated and she is still doing ok!

I'm proud of this little warrior and on Sunday we celebrate another pretty significant milestone in her life as Chaia and two of her friends are the inaugural child dedications at our baby dedication service at church!

Pretty stinking excited!


Anonymous said...

My Matthew came in while I was watching these and he made me play them over and over again and laughed every time. We especially like the second one at the end! Really made my day!!

Tammy Y

Anonymous said...

lkingir 19What an awesome little gal and such great parents. The love that flows is fabulous. God is Love.
Keep up the "word of the week." How pecious!