Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ecuador, Yelixa, Pizza and Our Life Goals

In 2012 Ben #2 and I ran over 13 miles to help plant a church and a Compassion Center in Tosagua, Ecuador.

We raised over $6000 to help that initiative get off the ground.

Then 10 of the 200 kids from that Compassion Center were sponsored by City Campus Church so that they would have a shot at a future.

Yelixa is our family's sponsor child. Chaia has been amazing at making sure we continually pray for this little girl from another hemisphere.

And now the next wave of the partnership with New Dawn Church is being forged as City Campus Church is taking its first ever mission trip in 2014 to visit and support New Dawn Church and for some of the 14 team members, we will get the opportunity to meet our Compassion kids!!!

Shaina and I are making this a life goal for 2014 to take this trip, deepen our partnership in the Gospel with our brothers and sisters in Ecuador and meet this little blessing named Yelixa.

Between the two of us, we have to try to come up with $3000.

Some of you might like to partner with us as we partner with them. There are three ways to help.

You can buy pizzas from us. This is easiest if you live either in Columbus of the Wayne/Stark County areas. You can order here. For every pizza, we get $6 profit!

You might have a reason that you are trying to raise funds as well so help us help you! If your business, group, non-profit signs up for your first ever pizza fundraiser (in Ohio), you get $6 per pizza and we get $1 for every pizza you sell as a bonus for linking you to an awesome fundraiser! (Your group has to sell a minimum of 300 pizzas! So you'd be making $1800 and we'd get an additional $300!) Contact ben@citycampuschurch.com if this interests you!

Lastly you might be like, "Dude, let's just skip the pizza and let me get you a little closer to your goal. If that is you, simply go here. If you select the 2014 Ecuador Mission Trip in the drop down menu, all gifts will be tax deductible and will go to helping us achieve one of our goals!

I love that we are a church plant that has already planted a church! I love that we have ongoing relationship with that church! I love that we have the opportunity to meet a young girl whose basic needs are being met through our prayers and investment! And I love the possibilities of going with Shaina and hugging that kiddo until it hurts!

Thanks in advance for helping us do this!

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