Monday, July 1, 2013


I looked back to last year's first year birthday bash blog and saw this:

And Chaia is ONE.

I thought back today about when we were told that Chaia's heart damage was absolute. And it was absolute that it would not get better. And I just can't help but worship.

Because the only absolute is that nothing is impossible for God.

And hearts find rhythm inside of His grace.

One year is a gift. But we are asking for a lifetime.

One year is a miracle. But we want more.

Whirlwind weekend? Exhausted? All worth it when a miracle is upon us.

That's the absolute truth.

Ditto for year two.

Chaia is here and today we celebrate.

This week launches a very challenging and hard month for us.

Two years is a gift...but we are asking for a lifetime.

We were given five days...We weren't expected to leave the hospital. She is running out of medical solutions or experiments. The prognosis is lousy.

But she's still here.

And she wins when we kneel.

Chaia is TWO!

And there's nothing terrible about that!

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