Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When life gives you lemons...Throw the Lemons back at the moron who got your order wrong and demand the Orange Juice you wanted in the first place.

I didn't sign up for this.

This genetic mutation that has been deemed very interesting by the medical community. I didn't order a daughter who goes through stretches like today where she throws up every single ounce that has entered her stomach, has been through two baths and two bedding changes by two pm. I didn't say, Ooh, I would really love a tall glass of my little girl visibly and sometimes invisibly suffering through discomfort, bone brittleness, brain pressure, pricks, pokes, stabs, restraints, procedures, breathing tubes, feeding tubes...etc.

I didn't pick the "I'd like my wife to feel more like a caretaker than a mom" combo. I didn't choose some days for her joy to be swept away. I didn't. Seriously.

I didn't want the 100 day hospital stay.

I didn't select the "long shot odds" or the "one in seven billion" tags. I didn't pick Generalized Arterial Calcification in Infants. I didn't pick myocardial infarctions. I didn't pick severe ventricular dysfunction. I didn't say, "Please let me have a side of bone disease and brain swelling.

Etidronate? Not me. Diuretics, Captopril, Meds all day every day? Didn't dream it for a sec.

I wanted orange juice. Normal...Simple...Uncomplicated freaking orange juice.


When Life gives you lemons, you breathe deeply.

And you thank God for the Life.


This is a bipolar road we are on friends. Everything seems to be falling apart...working against us. And there are days named sorrow and anger.

But then there are days named Life and Joy.

And those moments?

Well look at her!

And quit whining your life away because it's not what you ordered.

And start enjoying the lemonade.

Because "life is worth the living, just because He lives".

****This picture is a sneak peek into our time with Sarah Marie photography last night. We didn't know each other before the hospital...but a friend of a friend of a friend linked Sarah to Chaia and Sarah has told her story eloquently through her lens. Like her on facebook...book your newborn session 6 months in advance. And let her tell your family's story like she's told ours. http://sarah-marie-photography.com/


Grandma Cindy said...

Lemons get a bad wrap most of the time. Most folks think those bright yellow,oval citrus fruits are plain sour and pass them by every time. Here's some facts about lemons: 1)excellent source of vitamin C, 2)contain numerous phytochemicals, 3)anti-cancer properties, 4)aid with digestion, 5)detoxify liver & kidneys, 6)help with weight loss, 7)kill parasites & bacteria, and even 8)natural insect repellent. I'm starting to view lemons a little differently. Yeah, they are a puny, bitter fruit. But they are absolutely good for me.

Confession... I love LEMONS, I love LIFE, and I love the CREATOR of lemons and life!! And God's got this!!!!

Katey said...

Holy Moly, those pictures capture Chaia's joy. No matter the circumstances. And they're freaking adorable!!