Monday, July 1, 2013

The Thompsons vs. July

This is a big stretch for the Thompson clan.

Wednesday morning we head to the Cleveland Clinic and Chaia will be admitted for the first time since the 100 day stay.

There are some big differences. We aren't watching her on her death bed.

We have quite a few faces in that place that aren't just familiar but are friends (sidenote...doctors and nurses who genuinely care about patients and do so out of a sense of calling and passion are literally the difference between life and death both for the patient and the family!)

But things are not great.

Swelling on her optic nerve is 3+...which would be minor if the scale went to 10. It doesn't. It goes to 4.

So we gotta move. We're off blood thinners and heading toward a spinal tap.

Risky stuff.

While she is sedated, it is likely that she will get a Line put in to prep her for the new treatment she will begin later this month that the geneticist has deemed the last option.

We've circled Ezekiel 36:26 for well over a year now, pleading with God for a miracle. He can heal her if He wants.

But we've sorta had a deal going...that Chaia's healing will NOT fail to happen because we failed to ask for it.

It will not be said of us that we have not because we asked not.

So I'm inviting you on Friday, July 5th to pray for just that. Pray that Jesus would work in our hearts as well as Chaia's little body.

Pray for healing.

Stand with us in prayer. If you would fast and pray until noon that day, we'd be grateful.

Chaia wins when we kneel.


Jessica Hart said...

Oh guys...while I am so sorry that you are going through this, I am kneeling for Chaia now more than ever. I have been thinking about you guys so much lately. God has her in His hands. I am on board with you guys on Friday...know you will not be standing alone. God love her little heart. Praying everything goes smoothly for you guys. Sending our love from Springfield. Love you guys! And Happy Birthday sweet Chaia!

Anonymous said...

This is such a heartbreaking situation... I will be praying for your family... I am so sorry

Mama Karen said...

Praying always in Lancaster for your sweet baby girl!!! Way back when this story began, God knit my heart to you guys and this beautiful child of God! She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She was made in the image of God. She is God's favorite! When I think of where God has brought you from, I realize the ongoing, daily miracles of life he has given this child you called Chaia 'LIFE'. We Praise God almighty for it all! We will continue to stand with you believing all the way! We won't stop!

Deanna Archer said...

We will be praying for a miracle of healing from God.

Anonymous said...

The Woodards will be praying in Wadsworth. We LOVE you all!

Shane Hardman said...

The Hardman family will be praying for all of you!!!!!!