Thursday, July 4, 2013

Forgot How Much This Blows

24 hours into our return voyage to the Cleveland Clinic.

24 hours in this place with a little one getting poked and prodded can feel like it takes a year off your life.

Couple things...apparently when Chaia is 2 rather than 2 months and when she is her spunky, feisty self rather than her lethargic, sedated self, she doesn't enjoy just hanging out in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of mumbo jumbo. So the Thompson Entertainers are going to have to show up in full force with our creative juices flowing.

The neurologist who will be doing Chaia's MRI and spinal tap came and met with us. He pulled out three small brains from his pocket and started juggling them. By the end of that visit, Chaia was letting him check her head circumference and do about 10 other things that she doesn't let anyone else try without major resistance.

Today is expected to be a very low key day. Just letting the heparin IV do it's work.

Then tomorrow morning is crunch time. Sedation and Intubation at 7 a.m. An Echo, an MRI, a spinal tap and a PICC Line to follow. There is certainly some risk with all of this and the pressure on the brain could be relieved but it may not be explained why it is there.

Not sure how we endured 100 days of this the last time.

24 hours in and I think we're already spent.

Pray for rest for Chaia. Pray for strength for us. Pray for tomorrow morning to go smoothly and lead to more answers than questions.

Chaia wins when we kneel.


Anonymous said...

Praying really hard for little Chaia to be able to get through the next 24 hours and beyond. And now even harder for you Ben and Shaina as you sit by her bedside, feeling every pick and poke as if it were yours and wishing with everything within you that you did not have to see your little love going through this! My prayers for both of you are peace, calm, patience, strength and reserve to continue to hold on to the love of the God you both serve. Praying for all procedures to go well tomorrow and will be standing with you in His grace! And tell "Dr. Patch Adams" to keep the bag of tricks full, we want little Chaia to get the best of what he has to offer without to much discomfort. Love the Sayre's

Anonymous said...

We are praying for this precious child. Praying for comfort, strength and answers. Ron and Nancy Sands

Kristi said...

Prayers are a gift for those of us who stand afar off... We've never met but we have several mutual friends. It is such an awesome thing to be able to love another in Christ whom I've not met in the flesh.
We are praying for God to show up today in a mighty way for Chaia and for you and Shaina as well!
Prayers and Faith,

Cristi said...

Chaia is Gods miracle and He isn't finished with her or us yet!! He will come through! Praying for answers,peace, comfort,and strength through this very trying time.

Ben Simms said...

Praying with you!