Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Prayers This Week

I love Columbus and what we get to be part of here.

I'm becoming more aware of the desperate need for the Gospel here.

The third of our three mailers inviting people to join us in putting together 20,000 meals for students in Columbus City Schools hit mailboxes this week.

We've had a number of folks sign up presumably because of this mass mailing.

But there have been a number of phone calls and emails...some pretty hostile...others fairly polite...asking us to take them off the mailing list. We fully expected this...but it also speaks to a cynicism and suspicion that many in this city have about the church. They assume that we have an angle...That we will try to convert people...That this isn't really about the kids who are food insecure.

And sometimes they are mean.

So I ask you to pray...pray for us to love this city beyond reason...beyond logic...beyond what is in our capacity to do on our own.

Pray for hearts to stir...for awakening to happen...for cynicism, suspicion and doubt to be met with relentless love, irrational kindness and audacious generosity.

Pray for C3ers to be bold like Acts 4. Sharing the gospel that is changing us to change the world.

We've had some highs and lows in the recent weeks and I ask prayer for me to lead not out of necessity but out of fierce dependence.

If Jesus doesn't continue to lead and reveal Himself, we don't stand a chance.

Less than 2 weeks until Generosity Feeds 20,000.

Less than 3 weeks from our first Celebration Service.

It's go time!

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