Monday, March 18, 2013

Prayers This Week

You know the guy who spins plates on sticks or straws and has to constantly go back to plates as the momentum wanes and get the momentum back up or everything comes crashing down? And then all the guy is left with is sticks and broken plates?

Welcome to the most helpful analogy to church planting I know of.

It's not that it's up to me to keep the plates going. I'm not saying that. But there is simply a number of things going on in this stretch that have to get taken care of.

So pray in these areas!

Plate # 1. Chaia. She had a great weekend. Pray for growth and development in all areas for her. She has a number of things working against her but she has the King of Kings working for her. We like our odds.

Plate # 2. Generosity Feeds. Feed Columbus. Feeding 20,000 people is no joke. A lot of details...from raising $20,000 to getting the word out for volunteers for the event. It takes work. Pray for God's favor...that local news stations would cover the event...that folks would catch wind of what God is doing!

Plate # 3. Pray for the Missional Communities. These are the heartbeat of C3 and we need continued growth. Pray for the leaders and apprentices of these groups. For me, Shaina, Ryan, Jace, Rachael, Ben, Deb, Matt and Kristie. Pray that the way we launch this missional movement is by living a missional life. (Change Starts Here!)

Plate #4. Pray for the launch of our celebration services on Sunday mornings. We launch with Generosity Feeds on April 7 and then start our weekly services on the 14th. Pray for our Celebration Teams...for the music, the welcome wagon, the Connections, the Set Up/Tear Down, the Childrens, the Environment, the Finance and the Tech Teams...So many details to figure out. Doing our Dry Run Service this Sunday!

Plate #5. Pray for the people God is drawing to C3. 2 mailers have hit the neighborhoods and one more is going out. Pray that people would be drawn to who God is making us!

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Mama Karen said...

Just reminding you....we are praying as always!! We love you guys and Thank God for all he is doing in you and through you! Kisses to Chaia! 7