Monday, January 7, 2013

This week

I am jacked up about what Jesus is doing with C3!

We've got between 40-50 people, many in college or just out of college...and we had 10 Compassion International children packets sent to us from the village where we helped start a church in Ecuador.

And all 10 of those kids are sponsored. (Praise God!)

We just baptized three people in December, celebrating that Jesus has brought them from death to life. And this coming Sunday we're baptizing at least three more! (Praise God!)

This coming Sunday, we commission our third missional community, with a focus toward the OSU context! (Praise God!)

The vision all along was to get to three communities, grow each of them to 20-30 people and then launch our Celebration Gatherings! What we dreamt of God doing, is happening! (Praise God!)

But we still need direction and clarity on some things.

Pray this week for clarity and resolution to where our celebration gatherings will be.

Pray this week for some new friends of ours who will be making the 'pilgrimage' to Columbus to check out C3 and see if there is the possibility of them relocating to Columbus to answer God's call and join our staff. It's early in the process for them, but pray that God would orchestrate as He sees fit and that we would have ears to hear and eyes to see what He is up to.

Baptisms, Replication, Children in poverty given a shot at a better future!

This is why we are here!

Don't stop praying!

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