Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This kid

Chaia is still not fully rebounded from her bout with flu and congestion.

She lost feeds, lost weight...and for the first time since she was a tiny bean...she seems skinny. Her dunlop is done lopping over her pants.

Her strength is down. In the last two weeks, we can count the number of times she has crawled on one hand. She has reverted to rolling around.

But this kid is still full of joy.

She laughs. She chuckles.

You ask her what she is thinking, she puts one finger up to her lips as if to say 'hmm'.

She doesn't talk much so we started working on signing and she knows 'More', 'Please' and 'Thank You'.

You ask her if she wants to pray, and she folds her hands together.

When you say Amen, she unfolds her hands and claps.

She has a bunch of little teeth...chompers.

It was just over a year ago that we made it out of the hospital.

100 days of sitting...waiting...wondering.

And to be honest, her prognosis is such that we continue sitting...waiting...wondering what might be next.

The doctors likened it to sitting on a hand grenade or time bomb.

There aren't too many good scenarios that come from sitting on a hand grenade.

But I sense that we are sitting on hope.

Hope does not disappoint. In hardship...In delight...Hope.

In suffering...In joy...Hope.

Hope is not some sort of 'finger crossing well wishing positive thinking good vibes and energies kind of thing'.

Hope is that Jesus will be made much of irregardless of our circumstances and that we would find Him to be more than good and more than enough no matter our story.

She's a sweet kid. And there are moments where I sit in doubt...assuming the worst.

Then I remember its been a year out of the hospital.

And I sit back down on hope.

It's better that way.


Jackie Thompson said...

Hope is good. A year out of the hospital is grand. And God is great

Jessica Hart said...

Praising God for what He has done in Chaia's life and what He will continue to do. We will never stop praying foe her and your family.

Alway kneeling in Springfield

Mama Karen said...

Ben never lose HOPE!! Everyday Chaia is alive is one day closer to her complete healing. We continue to speak LIFE over her. We declare she will LIVE AND NOT DIE!! We decree she is HEALED in the precious name of JESUS!! We speak STRENGTH to her immune system. We speak to her digestive system and command it to begin FUNCTIONING as our Father God has created. THANK YOU God for this precious baby girl whose given name means LIFE. We PRAISE YOU for You are worthy of all our praise. In the name above every name, JESUS.
Always lifting you up to the Father in Lancaster. We send lots of love and hugs.