Monday, December 31, 2012

Prayer This Week

Shaina and I along with some C3ers will be hitting the road tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. and making the trek to Atlanta for the 2013 Passion Conference.

Shaina and I agree that our souls need this.

Being sick and watching Chaia be sick over the last 10 days has drained us and so we are in need of a fire being lit in our hearts for Jesus over the next few days.

With that, we are leaving Chaia in the very capable hands of her grandma and grandpa. But she is still not well. No more fevers...but a fierce cough and congestion have been lingering. Hard to leave the bean sick. But if we don't take time for our relationship with God and our marriage together, Chaia will not get the kinds of parents she needs. So we are going for it.

10 hour trip...all told, when we arrive tomorrow evening there will be 10 of us.

Pray for something more than an experience...or a roller coaster high...pray for us to ENCOUNTER Jesus.

Pray for Chaia to be on the mend and for grandma and grandpa Penrod to stay sane and enjoy some quality time with the grandkid! Pray blessing on Grandma and Grandpa...without their support...I'm not sure our parenting or even our marriage would be in existence...or at the very least, healthy.

Pray for C3. 14 weeks until we launch our Sunday gathering...and it is go time. We are beginning a study in our Missional Communities on Genesis...called New Beginnings.

Pray for the perfect space for our Celebration gatherings to be supernaturally available to us...unbelievably affordable for us...and easily attained by us.

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Mama Karen said...

Chaia has the best grandma and grandpa ever!!! Grandma Cindy will take good care of her! We will keep Chaia in our prayers. God is taking care of her. Enjoy your trip! I just know God is going to do great things in your lives while you are away! Praying the presence of God to fill your hearts and lives at this conference and may you be re-charged with the fire of the Holy Spirit! Hugs!