Monday, January 21, 2013

Prayers for This Week

Missional Community #3 launched with 14 people in the Ohio State/Italian Village context! Pray for sustained growth and buy in for MC3.

I feel like I have considered a number of venue options for our Celebration gathering and have had highs and lows in the process. We need God to give us a space soon. It is officially crunch time. Pray for this!

Shaina and I go through stretches of frustration and discouragement with Chaia's progress (or at times lack of progress). Tired of more questions than answers...more unknowns than knowns...more complications than solutions. Pray for something to give soon.

I got a last minute invitation to fill in as the speaker at Otterbein's OCF gathering this past Thursday. Got to share a little bit with about 80 or 90 college students and feel like there is a potential groundswell of interest in C3 from that population. Pray for those who are called to answer the call. Pray for those who aren't called to stay the heck away!

Meeting this week to map out the Children's Ministry with a couple amazing C3ers who will be heading that area up. Pray for us to figure out what Jesus is calling us to in the area of C3 Kids!

Thanks for praying. We are going after this because of your prayers for us!

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