Friday, January 18, 2013

Man's Best Friend

Had to put my dog, Shadow down this week.

Hard to believe I brought her home to my parents as a puppy over 12 years ago. I didn't exactly ask permission. But I was the youngest child and lets be honest, I was loved more than my sisters (for obvious reasons).

So I show up with this pup...and I knew it all hinged on one wasn't if my mom would approve or not...she would probably not be a fan...but if Shadow could win my dad's heart, it was a done deal.

It didn't take long.

Shadow had a good run.

We had a Browns party and Shaina made cut out sugar cookies. There were footballs. And she even spelled out "Go Browns" in cut out letters.

We woke up the day of the party...and the kitchen counter was missing two rows of football cookies...and the letters now said "G Rowns"

Another time she was in the truck with me running errands. I picked up a big bag of starbursts for an event we were having at our house. I ran in to another place to get some tables loaded into the truck. 10 minutes later I returned to see that Shadow had opened the walmart bag. Tore open the starburst bag and then ate every piece of individually wrapped candy...wrapper and all. (That was the most delightfully smelling puke I've ever cleaned up.)

Or the time we got our first furniture set. It was delivered and then we had to go to work, so we shut Shadow in the basement so she wouldn't sleep on the couch or something. She somehow pried the door open and thought it would be a just retribution to pee all over the new couch.

Or the time she got into Shaina's sister's bookbag and ate virtually everything in there...from a bag of unpopped popcorn to a bar of soap to tampons.

Or the time we couldn't find the Mr Potato Head Eyes of the little guy my mom babysat. Sure enough. A day or two later, in a fresh pile in the yard...there were too oogly eyes staring out through the steam.

Ok so my stories make it sound like she should have been put down years ago.

But she caused more laughter in our house than I could ever tell you about. Shaina's Shadow voice has impacted lives. She was a counselor for our marriage in tough spots. She was there when dad died and when Chaia was born.

So, here's to you Shadow! I'll miss ya girl.


Jen Azar said...

So sorry, Ben. They truly do become a member of your family, don't they? Hugs to you, Shaina and little Chaia!

MaryBeth McKinney said...

Oh the memories. She was a great dog and she definitely won over dad. Love you guys!

Jackie Thompson said...

She was a sweetie most days, and the house is quiet without her