Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crockpots and Microwaves

Noah was told to build an ark...then had to endure ridicule and scoffing for weeks and months and years as the thing he had to do came to be built.

Abraham got the promise of being the Father of many nations. Then he waited years for God to give him and Sarah a son.

Jacob got the promise to be the blessed line...then had to get out of Canaan for 20 years to get his wife's hand in marriage (actually his wives' hands...God help him!)

Joseph has a dream that he will be leader over all of his brothers...then he gets sold into slavery by said brothers, false accused of rape by Potiphar's wife, imprisoned and then after 20 years his dream comes true in Egypt.

Moses...the wilderness?

David...waiting years to take his place as king?

Jesus...prophesied over as a child..has to wait until He is 30 to begin the public ministry His Father had sent Him for.

Too often we want instant character change in our faith journey. We prefer the microwave, when God seems to be the God of the Crockpot.

We want the destination.

He seems to be the God of the journey.

We want the answer, the fulfillment, the promise, the fruit.

He wants the trusting, the waiting, the abiding.

I'm leading C3 through Genesis right now and the observation of the theme of endurance has rocked my world.

I've said it before.

God could have healed Chaia completely on day 1, day 5, day 50, day 100 of the hospital stay. He could heal her today...completely...instantly.

But where would that take us and shape us as His people? Where would trust, long suffering, perseverance, endurance and deep relationship be if He healed Chaia day 1?

I believe God can and is healing this munchkin.

But I believe if I miss the flavors He's cultivating in my life through this crockpot of faith because I am striving for the microwavable miracle, I will have missed the point.

You might be missing the point too.

The wilderness is necessary.

The desert is to be expected.

The crockpot is the better way.

Trust me.


Grandma Cindy said...

Such a great post, Ben! I sometimes refer to myself as 'stewing'. I think I'll change my lingo to 'crocked'. Now THAT will be something for folks to
talk about!! :)
Praying for God's best & greatest in your lives.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is profound. love this thought, hit my spirit big time. Thank you Ben, always praying for your ministry and family and of course Chaia.