Sunday, December 9, 2012

Roller Coaster

Life is crazy.

The worst feeling the first time I rode a roller coaster was the click click click click up the first hill. It was terrifying. Left a knot in my stomach that made me want to stop the thing and get off.

Then the moment.

The moment where angst and frustration and discomfort turn to thrill, rush and exhilaration. Pure adrenaline. Joy.

In the span of a week this church planting journey has dealt emotions and experiences that rival both extremes of the roller coaster adventure seeker.

The place we believe God has been stirring in us to gather in will take an absolute miracle to become a reality.

The staff position we were anticipating would be filled remains vacant.

And two things that we prayed and asked you to pray for, hoping towards God's resolution this week remain everything but resolved.

And the click click click click is maddening.

And then Sunday night. On the heels of the hardest, most frustrating week I've had on this church planting journey, God shows up (Apparently He does that).

In my anger, selfishness, brokenness and weariness...He shows up.

And a group of 30 or so got together and celebrated three people being baptized...three people saying obedience to Jesus is a better way...three people saying change starts here.

The thrill.

Afterward a first timer to C3 said they'd be back and that transparency and genuine community was what they had been longing to find and they sensed it strongly in this group from the get go.

We don't have a gathering place. (yet)

We don't have a staff. (yet)

But we do have a people who are ready for something big. And I'd take that over the other two in a heartbeat.

But enough about C3...the roller coaster isn't just our story...its your story too.

The Click Click Click Click of anxiety, fear, depression, worry, sin, emptiness, brokenness.

I know it may not feel like it right now, but you better get ready to hold on...because when He shows up in the midst of your despair (and He will show up there), the thrill of redemption, the joy of healing, the rush of rescue will rewrite your story.

Hang in there you who are suffering or sorrowful!

The time is coming for you to enjoy the ride.

(Pray for joy to be the word of our week this week! And pray for my ordination on 12.12.12!)


Grandma Cindy said...

Praise God for this roller coaster ride of life that propels us straight into the bosom of God!! What a fantastic journey... the thrills have only just begun! Praying.

Mama Karen said...

Praise God, He always shows up when we need it :) Thankful for the baptisms!!!! Hang on for the ride of a lifetime!!! Hold on to Jesus, He's riding along side you. This wild ride we call life will take you loopty loop, up and down but as long as we have our eyes straight ahead and holding on we will make it. Get ready....Here we goooooooooooo!!! :) :)

Praying as aways! (Hope I brought a smile to your face today.)