Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Son of a Nutcracker!

C3 chipped in and got Shaina and I a date night for this Friday! We will be getting all bedazzled up and going out to dinner and then off to see the Nutcracker!

Pretty cool thing to be leading a church that cares for its leaders and even wants to bless our marriage and fight for time together on our behalf.

I've said this before. If I wasn't the planter of this church, I would still desperately want to be a part of C3. I'm not sure every person in church leadership could say that.

We are being changed and being change.

And that's the point.

Are you more inclined to brag on your church or complain about your church?

Tell people about your Church or avoid talking about your church?

Do your answers reveal more about who your church is or who you are?

I love my church!

You should too.

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