Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Prayer This Morning

Lord I pray for you to reveal the places in my heart that remain in darkness. Show me where I am yet to be redeemed. Teach me your ways. Make a teachable spirit within me. I am incapable apart from you. I am unaware apart from you. I am unwilling apart from you. But show up anyway. Investigate my motives. Check my desires. Reveal my sin. My only shot is you, increasing in my life today. I know that this request demands my own decrease. So I give you permission to make me less. Search my heart this day and reveal where your cross and resurrection are not yet triumphant. Chisel at my stony heart, where my pulse is slowed by indifference…where my heartbeat is strangled by self-righteousness. I’m not able on my own. But you have always been more than able, more than enough, more than good. So come, Lord Jesus. And let change start here. Amen.

(It can be your prayer too if you are too busy, too hardened, too tired, too weak, too ashamed to pray anything else.)

*We win when we kneel

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