Monday, December 3, 2012

Rest Assured

Christmas and the holidays seem to evoke a number of emotions. For many, pinpointing moments of laughter, joy, serenity, hope and love are the things that define the season.

For many others, heartache, loss, grief, sadness and loneliness are the reason for the season.

But as the season of advent...or the season of waiting...anticipation...hope begins, remember this:

Our God is a God who shows up.

In despair he's right there.

In pain his mercies reign.

He shows up.

But also remember, he tends to show up in ways we don't anticipate.

He chose a manger rather than a throne.

He chose a virgin, servant girl rather than a queen.

He chose shepherds to celebrate his birth rather than the educated or religious elite of Israel.

This week, some big decisions will be made with C3. And quite frankly there are some long shot places where we need God to show up or it could be a disaster.

So pray God shows up in decisions that will be made about our Sunday morning gathering.

Pray God shows up in the lives of a couple who is deciding whether C3 and Columbus is where they are being called next.

Pray for our Missional Communities...because if God doesn't keep showing up, we don't stand a chance!

Christmas is coming...and the place of your deepest ache...the place that is peace-less...the place that seems unredeemable in our lives...

Is right where God wants to show up.

We only need eyes to see.


Mama Karen said...

Thanks for this today Ben. Having a "down" kinda day. We lost a dear sweet saint of God today. She was just another link to my mama who passed away almost 2 years ago. So my heart is sad but my spirit rejoices to know she is with Jesus today. Anyway, needed to hear this word today! Praying for you, Shaina and Chaia and for C3. God will supply all that you have need of! He has heard your prayers and knows just what you need. Rest in that promise!! Hugs to you all!

Grandma Cindy said...

Good word. Praying always. "God is faithful who CALLED you, who also will DO it."