Monday, November 12, 2012

This Week in Prayer Requests!

Hey all! Unique week this week. I left early this morning with my friends Jake and Holland Poole for Tennessee!

We are here for Church Planters Assessment Center, which will be a week long intensive evaluation of Jake and Holland along with 22 other folks from around the country to discover gifting, calling, strengths and weaknesses and ultimately to discern if the couples are called/equipped for being part of a church planting staff.

So pray for Jake and Holland. We're not sure what God is up to, whether Columbus and C3 is part of their story/calling or not, but this is a key part of discerning that.

So pray for Jake and Holland, that they will be authentic, open to see how God is wiring them and that they would have eyes to see what God wants from their lives.

Pray for me. Last June, Shaina and I went through this process and that is how we got on this journey to starting C3 in Columbus. Now I'm on the other side of the table as a first time assessor of some of the candidates. Pray for wisdom and clarity for me on how God is calling and shaping people, that I might be able to speak truth into the lives of those who are searching for God's calling.

Pray for Shaina and Chaia who are having their own adventures this week, including a couple days spent at Grandma and Grandpas. Pray for Shaina as she connects for the first time with some other Ohio church planting wives for a time of encouragement.

It's a great season for C3 and for us as a family!

God is on the move!

And Change Starts Here.

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