Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Future of the Church

I'm sitting in a room right now with thirty people from around the country who have come to Tennessee for an assessment to determine whether church planting is something God is calling them toward.

It is an exciting thing to see this size of a group dreaming about what the church could be (rather than griping about what it is).

It is a beautiful thing to see people who believe the future of the church is better than the past!

God is doing exactly what He said He would do.

And new people will meet Jesus because many of these 30 people will start a church in their community where they are allowed to belong their way into the belief.

There is nothing better than that.

I love being a part of Stadia making disciples who make disciples and planting churches that plant churches.

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Patrick@Missionglue said...

Thanks for the reminder that people saying yes to church planting today influence the Kingdom tomorrow.