Saturday, November 10, 2012


The world will never embrace a message of gospel transformation from an untransformed people.

Talked with a new friend in Columbus a few weeks back. He said he was 100% disinterested in God and the church. His number one reason? He sees no difference between those inside the church and those outside the church.

You want to see someone in your life come to know and follow Jesus?

It likely won't come from your Bible knowledge...but from your Bible obedience.

It won't be your Christian apologetic that brings someone to repentance, but your Christian witness.

It won't be your devotion to ideals or morality that will bring someone to her knees. It will be your devotion to Christ-likeness.

It won't be your snap judgmentalness but your enduring grace-full-ness.

You will never see change in the world until you have seen change in you.

Be Changed. Be Change.

One without the other is something other than Gospel.

What does God want to transform in you so that He might transform others?

Start there...

And see what God will do.

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