Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You're Invited!!

Two opportunities for you to come to Columbus in June!

June 16 we are having our prayer walk around specific areas of Columbus/OSU. You can help us pray the church into existence. The prayer is the work! We will meet at our place at 633 Everwood Avenue at 11:00 a.m. and then be sent out 2 by 2 to pray circles around places God might be stirring. We will then reconvene at 1:00 for a cookout.

June 30 is Chaia's One Year Miracle Birthday Bash. We are holding it at the Columbus Zoo and inviting everyone who has been connected to this story of LIFE and JOY to come and join us. You pay admission and parking and enjoy a day at the zoo but we'll provide lunch and cake from Noon to Two! The location at the zoo is a work in progress so it is really important for us to know if you plan to come. So let us know by emailing me at thompson14b@gmail.com or calling Shaina's cell. Whether you're long time friends or family or you've connected with us solely through Chaia's mustard story, we'd love to celebrate with you over a kid that medically has no reason to be here. (But God has another story in mind!) Since we're asking you to come to the zoo, we're asking you also, not to bring any gifts. We already have a child fighting a diva complex because of the generosity of so many...so NO GIFTS.

Hope to see you at one or both of these June milestone events!


courtney schnee said...

She's a godly diva though :) at least has godly parents

Anonymous said...

Still check everyday to see how you all are doing, I have to apologize for not posting a hello in weeks. End of school and beginning of summer hit us like a tornado and I have been non-stop lol. It sounds like the church planting is progressing well, and Chaia is beautiful as always. We have been wanting to take the girls to the zoo for years, so....I have cleared our schedules for the last weekend in June and we are headed to the ZOO!!! This birthday bash was the perfect excuse to push me to commit to a zoo trip, thank you :) until then, and as always, praying in KY!

Mama Karen said...

Can't wait to finally meet the diva face to face! Sent you an email...we will see you at the Zoo! What a reason to celebrate! God is so good to you and to all of us who are sharing your story of hope! Praying for your church plant and for you and Shaina! God is so good!