Monday, June 4, 2012

Pray For and Pray Through

"The concept that treats prayer as if it were merely a supplemental booster in getting some project off the ground makes the project primary and the prayer secondary. Prayer was never meant to be incidental to the work of God. It is the work."

Arthur Matthews
Missionary to China

Sitting on the cusp of a new week and it is a week filled with excitement and anticipation. But also uncertainty...time to 'work'.

Monday...Administration Central...Right after we got hired, I was given a list of over 400 items that need to be accomplished by launch Sunday. Monday is my day to work on that list, set up future week's appointments, check in with my accountability partner and my management team. Pray for productivity!

Tuesday...Pray for our dinner appointment and for us to begin to get a glimpse of what specific neighborhood God is calling us to turn our gaze to plant.

Wednesday...Pray for our dinner appointment and a meeting with Church Planters all over the country. We will meet once a month via web-x for a time of encouragement and prayer.

Thursday...Pray for our dinner appointment and for Chaia. She will go for a three hour long feeding evaluation at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Based on what they find here, they will direct us to a course of action/therapy that will hopefully get this kid eating without an NG Tube. Don't just pray for this...But pray through the miracle of Chaia's total healing until God moves. Sometimes we stop praying just before the miracle is about to break out.

Friday...Friday is my sabbath. This pace is frantic and will get crazier before it gets steadier. Pray for rest, detachment and a nice date with Shaina as our friend Christa will be on Chaia duty for a couple hours in the evening.

Saturday...Pray for a productive planning/administrative day and then pray for a fun time with my mom, aunt and cousin who are stopping by in the afternoon/evening to see the place.

Sunday...It all builds up to this! Our first Missional Community will gather for a kickoff cookout Sunday at 6 p.m. Pray for connection and excitement to take root in significant ways. This is step one in working toward launching the Sunday gathering of City Campus Church. It has to start somewhere...and the mustard seed that is a missional community of a few is where it starts for us. Can't wait!!!

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MamaMarty said...

Continuing to keep you all in my prayers. God is at work! Keep trusting!