Thursday, June 7, 2012

Man-Journaling from 2006

One of the neat things about packing and unpacking is you rediscover or uncover things you forgot about. I found a journal I had asked my sister for at Christmas 2005. I didn't want just any journal. I wanted something that would wreak of manliness so that people wouldn't be inclined to make fun of me for having a diary-like device. I wanted them to be in awe of the testosterone that oozed from my man-journal.

And so I found that and have begun writing prayers and thoughts on the pages that were still empty, keeping a record of this journey in planting God's bride.

I looked at a couple entries from 2006 this morning and was encouraged so I thought I'd share my first post in the man-journal with you from January 10, 2006 reflecting on 1 Corinthians 1.

I am part of the illustrious 'B-Team' that God has put together. This line up is pretty interesting...from bumbling, mumbling Moses to the lowly shepherd David, to the unworthy Isaiah, the unwilling Jonah, the young lowly virgin, the 'King' in a manger, the 'King' on a cross, second rate theologians as disciples, a persecutor of the Church turned ambassador of the most high What scares me is that this B-Team has a reputation for radical living. God's picked me to be on this roster. He's chosen me to carry on the monumental task of living completely abandoned to myself. He's chosen us underdogs to reveal His power, might and authority to the supposed powerful and wise. "But God chose the foolish things...God chose the weak things...He chose the lowly nullify the opposition!" Moses the deliverer! David the King! Jonah the prophet! Mary the mother of God! Jesus the Lord of Lords! Peter the church father! Paul the evangelical pioneer!...and me! What is God's story in me? He's chosen the weak...the foolish...the Make me yours Lord. 'In you God, I've been enriched in every way.'

That was what I needed this morning...

You are chosen precisely because you are inadequate. You are chosen because your inability to pull off what God wants to pull off reveals His glory all the more. Your 'I can't!' should be the thing that leads you TO obedience...Not AWAY from obedience. You can't...but God is able.

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