Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Update and How to Pray

Good Monday to you.

We had a good weekend in Columbus. Caught up with some friends and also had the opportunity to preach for the first time in months. I realized how much I missed it and how there really is a fire in my bones to share the Word of God.

Unfortunately the -5 windchill Saturday made us postpone our zoo trip. I was definitely the most disappointed about it, but we will make it happen soon I hope.

My cousin Staci came from 40 minutes away to sit with Chaia so that we could go out with our hosts for the weekend and just catch up and process what has been happening with Chaia, with Church Planting and with life in general. Chaia had fun and we had fun...pretty good deal.

This week is calendarlicious. Lots of opportunities to share about what God is stirring in Columbus.

So that is prayer request number one. There will be opportunities every day this week. So pray that the right people respond to God's call to partner in prayer, partner financially and even come with us if that is God's leading.

Pray also for clarity and momentum for our church plant's Management Team. Pray that their buy in and ownership of the Columbus plant will be deep and that a bond of trust and support will begin to form.

Lastly, pray for our family. I am not sure what the long term sustainability of this 'rhythm' of life is. We need to see some progress in Chaia's feeding ASAP. Because if we could bump to every four hours instead of every three, or if we could begin to take milk orally, the demand of care will ease up, which means we can find more time for rest and more time to pursue each other in our marriage. These are both really important things.

We are excited for a fun week this week. Thanks for the prayers!


courtney schnee said...

Praise God for Ben teaching the word. Where did you preach? And will be praying for you both in conversations this week and for Chaia to orally take milk

aussienic76 said...

Most of all guys 'Keep in step with the Spirit....' it's so easy to get so excited we run ahead of God's timing; We can see how much needs to be done, we can feel the enthusiasm building in ourselves etc etc BUT His timing is perfect, so don't get down if things go slower than you would like because of Chaia's feeds etc....That is also in God's timing.....Don't forget 'Be Still and know that I am God.....' God Bless you all

Steph said...

Thank you for the prayer specifics! Lifting you up daily!

Mama Karen said...

Still praying.