Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mutants and Mangers

Have I mentioned that this is not how I'd envisioned parenting?

I mean seriously? Shaina carries the same mutated gene that I do and we somehow both choose Mount Union, she falls for my stunning good looks and shoulder length blond hair? We get married and our little mutated genes do the mutated gene dance and out pops this little mutant? Less than 180 cases of this worldwide? There's 7 billion people now. And its Ben and Shaina's mutated awesomeness that gets to be one of the 180?

This is not the story I'd write.

But here we are, day 81 (who's counting right?), and God is using Chaia's story to impact people all over. It is pretty incredible. And the Gospel of God's glory is being revealed. Again, the Trinitarian Huddle in the heavenlies is not having a trouble shooting review session to see if it was Jesus or the Holy Spirit who missed the mutated gene hook up of Ben and Shaina. God has known all along of Chaia's story. And His fame and renown are becoming more tangible through this little mutant, than we ever would have scripted in our own idolatrous versions of the story of raising a child.

It's not the story any of us would have written. And yet this story is better.

2000 some years ago, the King of Kings was born. He could have been born in Rome or in some palace somewhere, to assume his place on the throne, but He was born in a manger...and let's not sanitize it. The scene, the scent, the sounds weren't anything like the nativity in your home. The King of Kings chose a trough not a throne. Chose Shepherds rather than royalty. Chose meekness instead of might.

It's not a Children's story.

And it's not the story any of us would have written. And yet this story is better.

The invitation of both the mutant and the manger is to enter a story that is not of our own scripting. It is much less concerned with career paths and 401ks. It laughs at investment portfolios and 10 year plans. It is a story that interjects hope in the midst of heartache. A story that surprises the condemned with grace. And baffles the broken with peace.

Maybe the best lesson for us this Christmas...

Is to put the pen down.


Courtney said...


Steph said...

i'll second that AMEN with another one. AMEN

Amanda said...

Everytime I see those eyelashes I melt a little inside :) She is too sweet! Praying in KY.

debbi yoders said...

Wow Ben....this was powerful, hopeful and just the perfect description of what it means to put it all in God's hands....our need for control in a world where we DONT control a thing... Prayers to all of you and your sweet Chaia!!!

Heather Graham said...

Hello awe-inspiring family, I just wanted to let you know that this Chaia cheerleader is still with you and always humbled by the power and truth in your words. I love watching God's light shine through all of you.
Heather Graham

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thompson's, for always sharing your hearts & faith with us. Praying everyday. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

This brings a lot back into perspective. Thanks so much!
Praying every day still. Love, Sandy

Steph B said...

Are you sure God hasn't called you to be a writer? I see some mighty powerful devotional material coming from your sold-out self, Mr. Thompson. Something to consider.

Anonymous said...

Wiser than the years you are old ! Keep talking we are listening and learning. Ours eyes are opening : -)

MamaMarty said...

In the five minutes it took me to read and re-read that post, I "heard" the best sermon/homily I've heard in years! God bless you in your ministry. And may our Almighty Great Physician continue HIS work through you, Shaina and Chaia!