Saturday, December 17, 2011


Been in bed since yesterday with a lovely combo of runny nose, sore throat, achy body.

Chaia is doing well.

Shaina has snuck away twice to bring me 'medicine' (gatorade, animal crackers and pop tarts).

Anyways, that's why the blog is quiet.

How to pray:

Pray for Chaia to be able to adjust to bolus feeds. This is our best chance at getting her to feel hungry and to re-learn how to take from the bottle/breast. She has not eaten orally since September 25. This could be very hard.

Pray for the calcifications to not only be stabilized but reversed when she gets her scan the first week of January.

Pray that Chaia's heart continues to strengthen and that the damages are contained.

Chaia wins when we kneel.

Don't stop.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon Ben. Pray for all you everyday.

Jackie Thompson said...

Feel better soon. Bendy straws and Hi-C are good. Rest well and know that I always continue to pray for Chaia and you and Shaina as well. LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Ben. Mama Shaina must be a busy woman! Chaia sounds like they are getting her ready to head home in the near future! Home Sweet Home would be wonderful for you guys, if you can even think of it!!! Praying for great news in Jan. and every day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tis the season for miracles and prayers. . .God bless

Steph said...

Feel better soon Ben! We're praying constantly for Chaia. Thank you for specifics we can lift up!

Sandy said...

Hope you feel better soon. We never stop praying for all of you.