Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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We did some 'slam poetry' last year for our Christmas Eve service...This was what we used for Joy. Read it a couple nights ago and found encouragement from it. Hope you might too. "Joy sings loudest in the midst of the storm"

It’s more than a smile.
More than laughter that lasts for a while.
More than a poor soul in denial.
More than a happy-go-lucky kind of style.
It’s contented delight.
In the midst of the night.
When things aren’t quite right.
It’s satisfaction despite,
The Fear and the fright.
It’s a baby leaping in a mother’s womb
At the coming of the One who empties the tomb.
Its shepherds and angels sharing good news
Of the birth of a light that can’t be diffused.
Joy sings loudest in the midst of the storm
It’s melody salvation, because Christ is born.


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Anonymous said...

We would not know the meaning of joy without the existence of sorrow. I'm so glad that Jesus is my JOY.

lawrence said...

:Our Joy: should never be related to our circumstances, it is a Gift of the Holy Spirit.
We wish you JOY and PEACE,
How about a visit?
Family in South Africa