Thursday, November 17, 2011

ABC remixed.

Chaia's ABC Book is a little different than most little ones' ABC books.

A is for Ativan which is like IV chocolate, soothing my soul.
B is for Boyle, which is the name of the Doctor who is trying to help my heart.
C is for Calcifications which make my vessels lose their elasticity.
D is for Diuril which makes me pee my pants in abundance.
E is for Epinephrine which I haven't had to take for six weeks.
F is for Fentanyl which helps me feel pain free.
G is for Glycerine which makes me poop my pants in abundance.
H is for Heparin which keeps my blood thin to let my heart work less.
I is for Intubation which is what they had to do three times to keep me alive.
J is for Jesus, who is my only hope.
K is for Kisses which are what my grandma gives me and they are great medicine.
L is for Lasix which works alot like Diuril and makes me pee my pants.
M is for Milrinone which helps my blood vessels remain widened so the heart has an easier time.
N is for nurses who play with me and take care of me all day and night.
O is for oxygen which is going in my nose to help my heart.
P is for Pamidronate which is what my body needs to get rid of the calcifications.
Q is for quaque which is Latin and means 'every'. The doctors try to impress me by saying I get my meds 'Q6' instead of 'every six hours'.
R is for retractions which aren't good in my breathing, but sometimes I like to breathe this way just to stress people out.
S is for Stethoscope which the doctors forget to warm up before they put it on my bare skin.
T is for tachypnia which is what I have a lot and means I breathe rapidly.
U is for Urinary Tract Infection which I had one day because some yucky things got in my hoohoo.
V is for Ventilator which is what helped me breathe when my heart was tired.
W is for Withdrawal which is what I go through because I'm a drug addict baby.
X is for X rays which I had to get every morning when I had the breathing tube in.
Y is for Yankauer which is the sucky thing that Grandpa uses to clean out my drool. Sometimes I drool extra just to make Grandpa happy.
Z is for Zebra, which I have on my headband while my mom and dad try to figure out medical terms for every letter of this silly alphabet.


Erica said...

I always wondered what the "Q" in Q6 or Q8 stood for. Mystery solved, thanks to you guys. Hope Chaia has a good week! Cohen sends kisses. I hope Chaia doesn't mind the stinky bbq potato chip breath that comes along with the kiss! :)

Anonymous said...

You will need to print that off,frame it and hang it in her bedroom! (to always remember these times!, like you will need a reminder!) very creative, Ben and Shaina! God Bless Chaia, Jack and Grandma T!

Jackie Thompson said...

ABC's are good in any language. May you also find peace...Love you all.

Gramma2u2 said...

You worked hard on that and did a good job. ;~) I'm praying the Dr's bring good news on your little bean today. Praying for your Grandma and for you all. Nothing like a little stress to keep you on track. God is the best healer we have on our side.
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Judy in WV

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this and actually giggled out loud at work! (people probably think I am a bit crazy!) I have enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up on Chaia. Your 'q6' is called a sig code. Dr's and nurses use about a million of these codes to shorten the instructions on rx's and med. records kind of like short hand. I have to deal with them every day as a pharmacy tech, they get pretty tricky, esp. with the way most Dr.'s write. Keep up the prayers, obviously they're working!

Joanne Sadlon said...

Now I said my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me - but not so many letters please!!

That was brilliant Chaia! Maybe you'll grow up to be a Dr. someday-you already know the lingo!

I pray for you and your parents and all the medical staff that take care of you. I pray "qh" every hour, or "prn" as needed, which is always! My Bible class prays for you and reads your Daddy's blog.

Have a nice day! I love you! Jesus loves you!

Anonymous said...

That is quite an alphabet list. Very unique but necessary. Jesus is there and that is a blessing. God bless all the doctors and staff. Blessings to all.