Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chaia, Jack and Grandma T.

Chaia: Rough day today. Fussy. Uncomfortable. Not sure if its just a 4 month old's growly day or a 4 month old with heart failure showing a deeper story. I think that dynamic will be present throughout our stewarding of Chaia. Pray that her heart and lungs would rest and have an easier go of it. Pray also for a 'family meeting' we are having tomorrow with all the doctors involved in Chaia's care. This is new and maybe intimidating.

Jack: Jack is out of the hospital after his second operation. He hasn't regained a whole lot of speech yet, but they expected that it would take a couple weeks of therapy to determine where he'll land with that. Nikki, Luke, Alex and Jack head home to Ireland, God-willing, on Sunday. Pray for Jack to be strengthened, renewed and encouraged in rehab in Dublin and pray for his speech to return.

Grandma T. So this is new, but my grandma fell yesterday and was taken to the hospital. She has some bleeding in her head that is causing pressure on the brain that isn't good. Doctors are uncertain about whether to operate, because she is on blood thinners. Pray for peace and comfort for my grandma and for my grandpa as well, as this has to be scary for them both.

So, this isn't the time to grow weary of kneeling.

I read a verse in Hebrews 1 yesterday that is sticking with me. The writer refers to Jesus as the "Sustainer of All Things."

So it's not up to the doctors, nurses or me or Shaina or anyone to determine whether Chaia, Jack, Grandma T, you or me make it until tomorrow. Jesus sustains all things. If he chooses, we get tomorrow.

This will cause fear and terror in some...peace and comfort to others.

The camp we fall in comes down to whether we KNOW the Sustainer or not.

Praying for your peace and comfort tonight.


Steph said...

We continue to pray constantly for you, Jack, and Grandma T. You're in our hearts, we pray for your strength and endurance. We also continue to pray for healing. We thank God every day for you and ask that in this day he would provide for your needs, whatever they may be. Colossians 1:3-14

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Chaia,Jack and Grandma "T". Peace and comfort to all families involved. We will keep kneeling in prayer. Our God is an awesome God.
"We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God." Romans 5:2