Friday, November 18, 2011

Prayin' For Chaia Winner

How you get these kids to cooperate for this is beyond me. Did you get ahold of some of Chaia's sedation meds?

Congrats to the Schnees for winning the MOST CREATIVE Category.

Chaia has had a rough 24 hours. She is back on BiPap (think big bird beak with a helmet). They think she might have a virus. Viruses in you or me often just need bed rest, liquids, and some medicine.

Viruses for a little one in heart failure can be a bit more complex.

The hard thing is that her symptoms for a virus look very similar to her symptoms for heart failure.

So, this is a pretty significant step in the wrong direction...But if its not a virus, then we're looking at heart failure. Hard to believe we're rooting for a virus.

The other part of this story is that Shaina is sick (the doctors are suggesting with the same virus). Fever, aches and pains.

So...navigating these waters is tricky.

Will adversity and suffering shape us or crush us?

God has counted us worthy of suffering...So finding ways to delight in His sustaining grace is our task, goal and privilege.

But this delight seems like a violent swim upstream.

Anyone got some water wings?

Or a motor boat?


Anonymous said...

No water motor boat...just lots of prayers!! Hope things take a positive turn soon. Sending love, hugs and of course lots, and lots of prayers!

Your cuz..


Becky said...

Just keep swimming Chaia and Shaina (and Ben swim away from the virus please)! Praying for you all and sending lots of love and hugs your way!

MamaMarty said...

Sending love and prayers for healing.

Anonymous said...

I would send a boat full of water wings if it truly would help, but the
prayers I am sending should help! God bless Chaia and, take the meds and get well! Chaia do your warrior thing and kick this virus out the window. That virus is going around in Wooster too~

Courtney said...

we gave them oreos :)
and i made crazy faces and loud noises

hope the meeting was encouraging.
praying for a virus and for shaina to feel better

Schnizzles said...

If you look close enough, you can see Oreo' various places...

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Shaina and Chaia. Hugs for all of you. Love you all. God loves you too!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Chaia and for Shaina!
Becky Gross

Mama Karen said...

Prayers going up right now for Chaia and Shaina. Stay strong Ben! We continue to speak life for Chaia. Sending our love to you all.
The Price's

crystal said...

Praying for Chaia and Shaina, mommy and daughter can fight this together! Feel better soon! God Bless! The Blake Family

Anonymous said...

If we could we would send Angel Wings to lift you all out of the waters!!! But all we have is our prayers for all of you--stay strong Ben by what you do best, relying on Our God---He is with you all at this time, and we pray a fast healing for Shaina so she can get back to you Chaia and Ben. Our prayers are with you all. love, Denise & Glen

Gramma2u2 said...

Shaina you need to go get some rest and try to get better. I hope and pray it doesn't last long for either of you. Praying hard for you all and your Grandmother too. Keep the comes some more prayers.
Get some rest...

your little sister in Christ said...

your family is my purest taste of the Lord these days. God bless your posts! Man alive!!
hugs to you all,
may st bernadette and st therese of lisieux, both of which struggled with illness and physical weakness, hold you in their intercessory prayers,

ps, you know how the Lord knows your prayers before they're on your lips? and you know that moment when you realize He's answered them as you're praying said prayers?
Your desire for the Lord to be with you is just that. i'm far away in Kent, OH but i can still see that.