Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thankful for the Little Things

Grandma Penrod started a list of small things that were taking place to set up a Miracle in Chaia's heart.

I wanted to do a list this morning while Chaia and mama are grinning at each other.

Because our need for God in the good times is just as great as our need for Him in the bad times.

So off the top of my head, I'm shooting for 25 little things that have gotten us to today.

1. Thankful that Chaia is off the Bair Hugger which means she can regulate her own temperature.

2. Thankful that we got transported to Cleveland Clinic, where a geneticist who specializes in rare genetic diseases worked and had read about GACI.

3. Thankful that the director of nurses in the ICU has never seen a room like Chaia's. She's worked here for 30 years.

4. Thankful that the third extubation has been the charm so far.

5. Thankful for finger puppets.

6. Thankful for Ronnie Mac's where we've had a place to escape and even met some new friends. Thankful for you all paying for our room through November and into December.

7. Thankful that Chaia has responded well to three blood transfusions.

8. Thankful that Chaia has been able to continue to take mama's milk and has the thunder thighs to prove it.

9. Thankful that the pomidronate has been tolerated well by Chaia's body and is hopefully reversing the calcification as we speak.

10. Thankful 35 states, 9 countries and 6 continents praying for this little warrior (Welcome on board Australia and Nepal!)

11. Thankful that all indications are that her heart damage has been contained and isn't continuing to expand.

12. Thankful that Chaia's ART-Line did what it needed to. Thankful for Dr. Wendorf at Akron Childrens who was successfully able to get it in.

13. Thankful for the nurses at Akron Childrens and Cleveland Clinic who do more than put in shifts...they enter in and walk with us. They even pray for us.

14. Thankful for the Seattle Seahawks (who'd have ever thought anyone in their right mind would say that?)

15. Thankful for gummy grins while intubated which apparently doesn't happen very often. And now gummy grins with CPAP, which doesn't happen very often either.

16. Thankful for the PIC Line in Chaia's arm that has worked well.

17. Thankful we are off the Epinephrine

18. Thankful that God has counted us worthy of such a thing as this.

19. Thankful for Gungor. That their new album has echoed in our hearts and brought hope to hopeless places.

20. Thankful for Bombarding the Heavens...and all those who made that night so powerful.

21. Thankful for our families who have walked with us through the valleys and rejoiced with us on the mountain tops, in the hospital and across the country.

22. Thankful that this disease hasn't touched Chaia's brain...with me as her dad...she already is at a disadvantage in the brain department...we need all the help we can get in that area.

23. Thankful for God's Word that brings verses like Ezekiel 36:26 into our lives at just the right time.

24. Thankful for the meals and Au Bon Pain gift cards and financial gifts that have been given to us...Thankful for friends doing our laundry, cleaning our house, bringing our mail, doing our financial aid paperwork/advocacy.

25. Thankful that Jesus has conquered the grave and that means the worst things are never the last things.


Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you on the little things. Praying for bigger things to come. Team Miracle. :)The McCunes

Jackie Thompson said...

I too am thankful for all those things, and thankful that my son and his wife are so strong in their faith. Chaia, we are so very lucky God gave you to us.
Love you all. Mom

Joanne Sadlon said...

I am thankful that God brought before my eyes a child and family who needs my prayers. My personal issues have not been as important as praying for Ben, Shaina, and Chaia, and family, and I am reminded every minute of the power of God as He works through His people. I am blessed to be a blessing! (Bethel Series) I am so happy for every second of their time together and I am praying for the miracle of healing of Chaia!

Cindy Penrod said...
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Cindy Penrod said...

"Be thankful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (I Thessalonians 5:16)

I am a blessing counter, too. Today I am thankful for a daughter and son-in-law who put God first in all things, even when the scenerio may mean losing their beloved child.

May we all take today (and every day) to declare, "Oh God, I am so thankful!"

Courtney said...

I echo what Joanne Sadlon wrote. We are also thankful for your humor... and for you giving us a glimpse of what suffering looks like day to day for an obedient servant of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list and just the beginning of a very long list of "little" things (which add up to big things)to be thankful for in your lives. As you noted, our worst days are never so bad that we are beyond the reach of God's grace. And our best days are never so good that we are beyond the need of God's grace. Praying and giving thanks with you! God bless you all! The Iles

Carleen said...

in my classes i am teaching my students a song called "count your blessings" it's from the (oldie but goodie)movie White Christmas. I have been thinking about Chaia all week as we have been singing!!!

lawrence said...

:A Holy life will produce the deepest impression.
Lighthouses blow no horns, they only shine.(D.W.Moody)

Keep Shining
Much love South Africa

Anonymous said...

AMEN and AMEN!! Ben, Shaina and Chaia!!God knew who to loan that precious baby to way before any of us could have ever imagined--and in His profound wisdom you three are proof that He is with you all and will be to continue to produce more of the "little things," until they bring bigger things. God Bless you three and keepin those prayers going. love you, Glen & Denise

Blaireli said...

I am thankful Chaia has such a loving family and God to help her through this trial. Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't seen you guys seen high school, but I wanted you to know that what you're going through breaks my heart. At the same time, I am amazed and blessed by the spiritual strength and peace you are demonstrating to so many people. I pray that God would continue to strengthen all of you and give Chaia a new heart. I know He can because He did it for my father-in-law years ago. She's a beautiful girl and I'm glad she has such wonderful parents who love the Lord. Praying for you - Tiffany (Buchwalter) Sustar

Sarah K - Sentiments by Sarah said...

a new follower of your blog, and as I went back I just keep thinking of your prayer for your daughter of whether one breath or one century of breaths...I think now of my daughters and their lives a bit differently after reading your Glory for God thru your daughter.

Sarah in FL