Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Fellow Clinic Warrior

Some of you have been praying for him...sending him cards and wrestling merchandise. Now its time to meet him.

This is Jack.

He's a rock star that is about to kick the pants off of a brain surgery this Monday. He has epilepsy and has had three other brain surgeries to get to this point. On Thursday the doctors determined that he would probably lose his speech completely. On Friday, they came back and said that they think they can salvage his speech. It is a really big day for the Kelly Family.

I need you mustard revolutionaries to pray for this warrior and his family.

Older sister Mikayla (not pictured)...who is holding down the fort back in Ireland.

Younger brother Luke...future star striker for Arsenal.

Younger sister Alex...brilliant smile, just lost a tooth yesterday!

Mom Nikki...who has somehow raised smashing kids even with Mick as her mate

Dad Mick...the worst golfer in Ireland...but he's fluent in 14 languages (just ask him!)

and Jack...the next Stonecold Steve Austin.

I'm asking you all to post a prayer on here over the weekend for this family. They are linked in to this blog and they need us on our knees for Jack's big day on Monday. Goal is 100 prayers posted by the time Jack goes into surgery on Monday morning at 7:00 a.m.


Ben said...

1. Jesus, you have a track record of healing and protecting people. We are asking that you would stick to your track record with Jack. Protect his speech in this surgery and be with the Kelly family as they walk through this scary time with their son. We ask this in your name, because you are more than able. Amen.

Angela Marshall said...

Yeah Jack! I've been thinking about you so much its great to finally see that smiling face! I'm so excited about the good news on your speech although I'm guessing your brothers and sisters sometimes look for a way to shut you up :) My family and I will be thinking of you and praying that this surgery goes amazing so you can get back home! You are blessed to have the Thompson Clan behind you they know how to get things done. Looking forward to more good news. Tons of prayers coming your way!

Gramma2u2 said...

Thank you Lord for allowing us to meet Jack and his family. Lord we ask you to guide the Dr's hands during the surgery and see Jack through with flying colors. We lift this family up for you to hold tight as they face the next few days. God be with them and heal their son. In your precious and holy name we pray.

Hang in there Jack. Judy in WV

Abbey said...

Lord, be with the doctors and Jack through his surgery. Protect them and empower them. Be with the Kelly family, give them peace and strength. Help us all know that you are God, and you have ultimate power!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, we have seen how you have worked on Chaia's heart, Ben and Shaina's strength and boosted the faith of everyone following this blog. Now we ask you to give the surgeons the skill and knowledge to heal Jack's brain and save his speech. We are so blessed to include Jack and his family in our prayers. For Jack - "And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!"
Love and Prayers to you all,
Diane F. (member of WUMC church family)

Anne Fischer,Wadsworth, OH said...

Prayers, never ceasing, for Jack and his family.

The Hube said...

Father, please hear our prayers for Jack! Give his family strength and peace. Give his nurses and doctors guidance and hope. Most of all make your will known and protect this amazing boy with your spirit! Amen.

Amanda said...

We will absolutely be kneeling for this family! They have been in many thoughts and prayers since being introduced to us. I will be praying all day and night Monday for Jack and his family. Strength and courage for Jack, strength and comfort for his family, knowledge and steady hands for his surgeons. God is good every day all day, and we will all be lifting this family up this week! Praying from Kentucky :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Father God, we come to you now for You to use Your grace, power and guidance with the surgeons for Jack. And a speedy recovery afterward. We pray also for his entire family, that you will allow them to see the power of prayer in their son Jacks surgery.We are glad to fianlly meet this little guy and his family. Prayers for Jack!!! Glen & Denise

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father, the Great Physician...thank you for this wonderful boy, Jack, and the blessings you have brought many through his sweet spirit. Please be with him on Monday. Give him peace as well as to his famiy's from now through his surgery. Be with his surgeons, guiding their hands skillfully, as they work, through you, to heal this child of yours. And Lord, thank you for the heart of this lad, and continue to do works through him to glorify your kingdom. I ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Sandy said...

Jack, buddy, we are with you all the way! We love you and your family and we lift you up in prayer. God, we know that You are present for every second of every day. We ask that You bring strength to Jack and to his family during this most crucial time. We ask that You guide the hands of his doctors and nurses, and that You bring complete healing to Jack's body. We thank You that Jack is here with us, and we thank You that we are able to lift him up in prayer to You. We praise You, Lord, for all of the miracles so far in Jack and Chaia's young lives, and we pray that you continually reach hearts all over the world, through these blessed children. We love You, Lord, and we pray in Your name. Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear heavenly Father, coming to you again with faith and hope for Jack and his family. We pray for successful surgery and healing for Jack, for strength and endurance for himself and his family, for wisdom and skill for the doctors and nurses that care for him, and that all feel your love around them always. We know you are able, Lord. We are witness to your goodness. Thank you. Love, Bruce and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Lord we praise your wonderful name. I pray that You guide the hands of Jack's surgeons and hold him in your hands as he goes through surgery on Monday and through recovery. I praise You and have faith that his speech will not be affected. Be with the family as they wait. Give them peace knowing that You are in control. In Jesus precious name I pray. Amen

Anonymous said...

Jack, prayers to you and your Doctors and Family! May God Bless everyone in this journey!!!

Anonymous said...

Lord, be with Jack on Monday...give him the stregnth and will to check one more surgery off his list! You are a God who is able and I pray that you bring this boy healing, so he can grow into the young man you are calling him to be! You are worthy to be praised and so on Monday, while Jack is in surgery, I will be praising your name!

Courtney said...

Father, Your plans are perfect....we may not always see why, but we know they are perfect and are made to glorify yourself. You planned for Ben and Shaina to meet Jack and for them to introduce him to all of us. We are so grateful to be a part of this journey that both families are on at the Cleveland Clinic. We ask for your protection over Jack's brain as the surgeons operate. Give them a steady hand that leads to the best possible outcome for Jack. Give his parents and siblings peace as he is in surgery and as he recovers. Most of all, give them your love. We love you Father and worship you because you are sovereign. Amen

will continue to pray and await updates on monday!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, be with Jack, his Doctors and Nurses, his Family and Friends during this time in preparation for surgery, and on Monday during such a critical time. Show Jack and his family healing, strength and grace.

KreativeKristina said...

Dear Lord, I lift Jack up to you. I pray for you to anoint the hands of the surgeons and nurses who will be doing your work on Monday. I pray for for calmness and peace for his family as they are waiting.

Cathy said...

Dear Lord, You are the great physician who loves each one of us more than we can even imagine. We ask that you would guide the hands and minds of the surgeons and assistants as they operate on Jack on Monday. Please give Jack and his family all the comfort and peace that they need as Jack heads into surgery. Help them to feel your presence and protection. In Jesus name, Amen.

GO JACK! I will be praying for you and your family all day tomorrow and Monday. Can't wait to hear how great you are doing!!

Anonymous said...

Lord God, please be with Jack through this surgery. We lift him high before you, that you would heal him. Guide the hands of the doctors and medical staff around him. Protect his speech, that it would not be altered even one bit!!!! We ask that you draw near to his parents as they wait patiently through this surgery. Give the family peace and comfort. Guide Jack as he grows to be a man after your heart in years to come. We praise you for allowing these families to meet. We praise you that you are a gracious God who still performs miracles. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. (Kristy)

Anonymous said...

Prayers for the Thompson family. Thank you for the great site. We have been able to be with you all the way. However, this is the first that we have been able to write a comment. My computer skills are really limited. Feel much better with the snail mail!
Our prayers are also with Jack and his family. GOD be with all of you.
The Taylors

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with Jack and his family as he goes to surgery on Monday.

MamaMarty said...

Oh Great Physician, may you work through the doctors and nurses as they treat Jack. Be with him, preserve his speech, fold the Kelly family in your loving arms and sustain them through this time and evermore. Amen

Matt said...

God, we pray for Jack and family. Pray that you would bring comfort. Pray that you would bring healing. Pray that you would reveal yourself to them in new ways through this. God, I ask that you would bring them through these trials and that they find joy in the process. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus. Praise your Holy name.

I pray a special blessing over Jack. Dispatch your angels over him. Guide the hands of the surgeon and give wisdom and guidance. Let your presence be felt in the room. Be glorified and I pray your greatness be noised abroad.

You are the God of all flesh, there's nothing to hard for you.
This is the confidence that we have in you, that, if we ask any thing according to your will, you hear us: And if we know that you hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of you.
Hallelujah! Thank you.

Father, please give Jack's parents and siblings comfort, strength and peace.

We put our trust in you and in you alone. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen

Sarah Burnett said...


Thank you for bringing Jack and his family to this point and making it possible for him to have this surgery. God I ask you to go before Jack and to prepare him and the drs for this important surgery for him. God I pray that your peace which transcends understanding would guard his heart and mind and let him know you are there with him every step of the way no matter how hard it may get. God I pray that Jack would know you and your incomprehensible love for him. I pray that you would preserve his ability to talk and relate with others. That he would not even skip a beat. We know you are powerful and you are mighty. Rescue Jack and help this to be the last time they have to operate on his brain. Please heal him, but more than anything God help him to experience you and know the plans you have for him. It's in Jesus name I pray Amen.

heather graham said...

Thank you God for your continued mercy toward both of these beautiful families. May you show your power and love through the healing of Jack and Chaia.
Blessings always,
Heather Graham

Josh said...


I pray that you would be with Jack and his family as they walk this scary road yet again. Please assure them in their hearts that YOU are with them and that when You are with them... there is nothing to fear. I ask you to heal this young man of the epilepse and to protect his speech while the doctors do their work!

Erica said...

God, please watch over Jack, his family, and his doctors.

We are praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Cohen (a Clinic heart warrior) and his mommy and daddy

Cathy said...

Dear Heavenly Father, On Monday Jack will be having brain surgery and we need your heavenly assistance. Please guide the doctors hands to do all the right things and protect Jack's speech so he may tell the story of your healing. Be with his family and give them comfort knowing that you are with them and Jack. We ask this in your name gracious Lord. Amen

Anonymous said...

Lord you are healer, provider, alpha and omega. We TRUST you with Jack and his amazing family, we ask that as they approach this surgery you COVER them in peace and protection from discouragement and pain. Lord keep them in the shadow of your wing during this season and keep Jack healthy and at peace as he approaches surgery Monday. Lord I pray that your Spirit protect his speech and that when he comes out of surgery that his speech will be entirely fine and that the procedure will be effective and that he will have a quick recovery. Lord our lives are in your hands and we TRUST you with the Kelly family. Amen!

Valerie said...

Jack! I'm glad to see a picture of you and your family. My husband and I are praying for you, and we're praying to the all-mighty Lord of all, who holds the universe in His hands. A God that big--bigger than we can possibly imagine--has truly got it all under control. Please take comfort in Him and have peace of mind as you go through your surgery. Love, Val

Anonymous said...

33. Dear Heavenly Father please watch over Jack as he goes through this surgery. Please be with the doctors and nurses and help them to do exactly what is needed. You are an amazing God that can do amazing things. Please give his family peace and strength. In your name I pray. Amen

Kelly family you have been in my prayers each day as I pray for the Thompson family also.

Prayers never ceasing from Wadsworth Oh


lawrence said...

Great to meet the Kelly Family.
Praying for you.
We serve a God who is our Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,so your surgery
Jack has already been through His Mighty Hands.
Much Love South Africa

Michelle said...

Thankyou for sharing Jack's story with us all.We are praying now and Monday all goes well for Jack and his Family.May they have healing and comfort.Prayers sent from..Kentucky

Anonymous said... Irishman is allowed the gift of Blarney. Please preserve Jack's ability to speak and grow to be a man known for praising you with his voice and his heart. Control any swelling in his brain and bless the surgeon's hands with accuracy and calmness. With our hearts in your hands we pray. Amen
Joy in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Praying for jack and his family.

Mama Karen said...

Jack buddy, we are in your corner! In the precious name of Jesus we ask that you be with Jack as he faces surgery. I pray that you would protect those critical areas of his brain. I pray for angels to surround Jack and his family. Guide the surgeon's hands. We declare and decree that Jack will not lose any speech. Jesus you got this one already wrapped up. Believing You Father are healing Jack's epilepsy right now. Surround his family with our love now, just as you have Ben and Shaina. Thank you for our new friends. Thank you Jesus for health and wholeness in Jack's body right now. In Jesus name! Karen and Steve Price, Lancaster OH

Jackie Thompson said...

How wonderful to put faces to the prayers.
Dearest Lord please keep Jack and his family in your faithful care as they undertake another surgery. And of course, keep Chaia growing stronger each day and keep Ben and Shaina strong as well. Amen
I'm not going to make it up to see you today (Sunday) as I have a porcupine in my froat. So post often. Love to you all.

Jane John & Family XXXXX said...

Hey Jacko. We are thinking & praying for you.Our Prayer for you Jack. Heavenly Father, watch with us over your child Jack and grant that he may be restored to that perfect health which it is yours alone to give. Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise him up to a life of service to you.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Nikki mick & co, thinkin and prayin for you also,

Brenda Buggle said...

We are praying for you Jack. You really are a warrior and an inspiration to us all. Thinking of you and all your family. Nikki and Mick be proud of all you have achieved - you never gave up. All our prayers are with you. Love the Buggle gang.

Brenda Buggle said...

We are praying for you Jack. You really are a warrior and an inspiration to us all. Thinking of you and all your family. Nikki and Mick be proud of all you have achieved - you never gave up. All our prayers are with you. Love the Buggle gang.

Anonymous said...

Lord, you are all powerful and we praise you that we can come to you with our pleas and you will hear us. this is a plea for Jack. That he would retain his speech after the surgery. That the surgeons would be successful in all they are attempting. And also, Lord, thank you for all you have done thus far to get Jack where he is. Please be with Jack's sister who cannot be here with the rest of the family. Give her peace and strength. In your name, Lord. Amen
L McGurk Wads UMC

Anonymous said...

Our God, we ask that you guide the surgeons hands, all the doctors and nurses this Monday as they operate on Jack. We ask that you make this surgery a complete sucess including his speech. Be with this beautiful family and give them the strength they will need. Be with Jack in his healing process. In Jesus name I pray all these things. Amen

The Blake Family said...

Dear Lord please be with Jack, his family and the Doctors on Monday, guide their hands and protect his speech. Help Jack to continue to be strong just like "Stone Cold" :-) and give his family stength and comfort in this time. On our knees for Jack! The Blake Family in Orrville, OH

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father we come before your throne on behalf of Jack and his family. Lord we pray for complete healing and restoration of Jack's brain!! You are a God of miracles and we once again are asking for one! Guide the doctors and nurses hands Monday! Be with Jack and his family. Grant them the peace that surpasses all understanding which can only come from you! We thank you for all you have done, what you are doing now, and what you will do in the future for Jack and his family!! Amen!

It was great to finally "meet" Jack and his family! I will be praying and lifting them up in prayer!! Thanks Ben and Shaina for being used by God!! I love ya!! Terri

Becki DeVore said...

I had a fabulous time in prayer for Jack this morning. I believe Jack has been delivered. The power of the Holy Spirit just fell on me in a way unlike any other time while praying for him. I am expecting to hear a Great Report:) I love you Jack and your family.

Mary Beth said...

Heavenly Father, you are the great physician and we turn to you on bended knee as we pray for our friend Jack. We know you are in control and we pray that you would guide the surgeon's hands as they work to help Jack. We pray that his speech would not be touched and that he would be healed. We ask you Lord, to bring peace to Jack's family. Hold them all in your healing hands. We praise you for all that you've done, are doing, and are about to do. We know you are near! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father,
We lift up Jack to You now. You know what is going on and what is needed before we even open our hearts to You. We ask that You guide the doctors hands and give them the wisdom to perform this surgery. We ask that You comfort Jack and his family and give them peace knowing You are totally in control. We thank You for all you have done for this family thus far and thank You for what You will continue to do! We praise Your Holy Name - and all God's people said... AMEN!!! Blessings! The Franks - Smithville

Becky said...

Dear Heavenly Father,
We know that you are the Great healer and we come to you to ask that you watch over Jack and his family and give them peace during this time. Give the doctors and nurses the wisdom to complete this surgery with success and protect Jack's speech from harm. Please touch them Lord with your healing hands and bring all of them strength and comfort throughout the day on Monday. We praise you for all of your goodness and thank you for the many blessings around us. God continue to bless Jack and his family, Ben, Shaina and Chaia. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father we lift up these two young children (Jack and Chaia) to you this day. Walk with them through their valley. We know that children are precious to you. Guide Jack's surgeons, bring him through this and give his family strength. Continue to work miracles with Chaia, these youngsters are champions for your cause. We thank you for being an AWESOME GOD. Amen

Blaireli said...

Keeping Jack in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, we know you are always with us and so we pray that you would be with Jack during his surgery. Allow their family to feel your love and all the mighty prayers being prayed for them this weekend and through Monday! Bless them with your peace and true joy in all things. Amen.

A Mama's Heart said...

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Jack and his family. For the smiles still on their faces. Please uplift their spirits and fill them with calmness. Be with Jack during the operation as well as the surgeon and the nurses. I pray every aspect of the surgery; before, during and after, goes as smooth as can be. Please also be with Mom and Dad and brother and sisters and give them the patience and strength to wait it out. All our love, Amen
(My 1 year old daughter has TSC, a rare genetic disease. She has three brain tubors and needs brain surgery. It sounds like you've had a long road. Hang in there! There are people praying and that genuinely care! I will be praying all day Monday. Love, The Hostetlers in Ohio

aussienic76 said...

To all the Kelly Family
May you know how special you are and loved by God. How much He longs to bless you and bring healing to Jack.I pray that you may surrender your all to him and know His peace as he works through Jack's life to bring Glory to His name and blessings to your lives.
Father, I ask that you would show your power through Jacks operation. Your power to heal and make him whole. Your power to give peace and joy in the times of trial and concern. I thank you for the connection you have already brought about through Ben, Shaina and Chaia that we can now know about Jack and bring him before you in prayer. God you are sovereign and we place Jack and his family in your capable hands.

Steph said...

Lord, I ask that you step in and work where man might fail. Protect Jack's speech during this surgery and strengthen his family. Give them peace and patience. Amen

Cindy Penrod said...

Father God, would you reach into this family and bring their heart's peace. Let them know that they are precious to you and that you will be guiding the surgeons' hands on Monday. May Jack's speech center be spared throughout this surgery and may the doctors find the exact spot causing these seizures and remove it. I ask you to do this because I know you love their family and you desire to bring them good things. Thank you God, for touching Jack & his family. You are awesome, God.

Lisa Shoupe said...

Father, You know Jack and his family far better than I do. You know their needs, their thoughts, their worries and their hearts. You love them even more than they can possibly imagine. Show them your love and your power; Please fill them with your presence tomorrow when Jack has his surgery. Touch his brain as the surgeon is working and restore it to an even more incredible state than it is now. Remove the impulses which cause the seizures and protect his speech so he can verbally rejoice and declare your grace and love to others!!! Amen.
~prayers from Nevada

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

Be with Jack and his entire family Monday. Let them feel and know you and your presence. Be with the doctors. I ask for Jack's full healing and success fir his surgery. Thank you of Lord for bringing Jack into our collective lives.

Sue O Wads OH

Anonymous said...

Jesus, thank you that you are the ultimate healer! We place Jack in your hands and trust that you have the best in store for him! Protect him, guide the doctors and give his family hearts full of peace and hope. Thank you that we can trust you and come to you with all of our needs!

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, I'm only just now learning about this family, but please be with them tomorrow and during the recovery. We cannot know your plan, but we know we can trust in you and you alone. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Jack - I pray that you feel comfort and peace knowing that God is with you during your surgery. I pray for healing and continued hope.

Family - I pray for strength when all you can do is wait. I pray for God to make all of your choices clear and for the doctors to be divinely inspired.

God has three answers to our prayers - Yes, Not Yet, and I have something better.

Thy will! God bless!

Amanda said...

God, you are good. In all things you are good, and we know you do what is best for those who love you. We pray for Jack, that you would heal him totally and let him come through surgery with his speech, and that he would give you all the glory. We pray for this family, the Kellys, that they would trust you and find peace in you, no matter what happens. Be with them as they are far from home, surround them with friends and believers who will lift them up. Be with the doctors, Lord, give them wisdom, patience, and care in all they do on Jack. It's in your holy name we pray, Jesus! Amen.

Eileen VanFleet said...

Dear Lord please be with Jack and his loving family at this time of uncertainty. May the surgeons do their job successfully and let Jack's speech remain intact! With you all things are possible! Love, Joy and Peace!!

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
Thank you for bringing Jack to a place where he can obtain the medical treatment needed to heal. Please bring patience and peace to Jack, his family and physicians as they journey through a difficult time to reach healing. May Your presence be felt in each step.
Psalm 103:2-3,"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases"
May God Bless you Jack and your entire family. <3 Iles Family.

Theda & Larry said...

We are pleased to pray for Jack and his family, as we have been since you introduced them to us. We are grateful you've allowed God to use you to further Jack's healing. Larry and I will continue to pray thru the day, until we hear from you again.

Theda and Larry Zimmerman

Anonymous said...

Father, you are a great God. You are holy in all You do, and we thank you for your love and grace in our lives. Give jack and his family courage during this time, and give the doctors wisdom and guidance. Lord, be glorified in this situation.

Rod said...

Dear heavenly be with Jack as he goes into surgery. Be with the medical staff as they do the surgery. Lord give his family a peace and comfort only you can give them. God bless you all!!


Faith is holding on to life
When all around is pain
Faith is seeing rainbows
When the sky is full of rain
Faith is reaching out to God
When you are filled with fear
Faith is taking someones hand
And feeling God is near
Faith is walking in the dark
And looking for the light
Faith is knowing God is LOVE
And trusting in his might
Faith is showing you believe
And that you truly care
Faith is searching for the Lord
And finding him in PRAYER

We all have faith in you Jack.. Your and the best boy in the world for your strenght and smile each day. Hugs and kisses from your auntie Patriciaxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lord, we ask that you be with the Kelly family and Jack as they seek healing and comfort. We ask that you give the medical team knowledge and skill to be able to preserve his speech so that he may be able to spread your love and truth to the world. Lord we lift your children up to you for you hands of healing to be placed on them. We praise your name as Ruler, Healer, Redeemer, Defenderand all that we need. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

-the Layfield Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father, please watch over Jack. Give his family strength and the doctors wisdom. Thank you for allowing us all to be touched by Ben and Shanai's faith in you. Help us all to be disciples for you and not just admirers of you. Thank you for all you have given us to be thankful for. We ask that you continue to use Chaia for your purpose, and provide us understanding of it. Amen

Joanne Sadlon said...

No fear Jack!! God loves you and I pray that He will wrap you in His loving, comforting, healing arms and bring you successfully through this surgery. May He comfort your family as well. Psalm 46 - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam..."
We will not fear.


Yesterday with all its cares
Its blunders, aches and sorrow
Is in the hands of ONE who holds
The promise of tomorrow
The sun may rise in roseate clounds
Or hold a mark of weeping
The dread of what the day may bring
Is ever in his keeping

May the lord be with you Jack all the way .. thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers each day...

Pam said...

Dear Lord, We ask that you give your wisdom, strength, power, and knowledge to the Doctors and Nurses who will be with Jack in the operating room, and in the days ahead. We pray that the surgery will be successful, and that Jack will regain his speech. We pray for peace for him and his family as they go through this difficult time. God is enough and God is able!! Amen

Amanda Gray said...

Dear JESUS you have blessed uss with the chance to get to know this amazing family so we now ask you to take your hands and heal this child! Guide the drs and give them the knowlege to help Jack on his journey!

Anonymous said...

Ciao Jack, noi tutti non vediamo l'ora di vederti tornare a casa. Come tutti sapete ormai il Kellys sono piĆ¹ grandi tifosi del Manchester United nel mondo.

Jack get your dad to translate this for you,as I know it one of his 14 languages.

Can't wait to see you back home here in Ireland

Anonymous said...

God guide the surgeons hands and everyone helping Jack tomorrow. Bless him and this family.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray o god of infinite goodness and mercy fill our hearts with a great confidence in your most holly other,whom we invoke under the title of our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima and grant us by Her most powerful intercession all the graces, spiritual and temporal, which we need. Through Christ Our Lord Amen.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, God bless Jack, lots of love and kisses from Nanny Amy and Grandad Kelly , see you soon, xxx

Mizzle said...

Heavenly Father,
We lift up Jack to your loving and caring arms. You have performed miracles everyday, so we ask that Jack's healing be another one of them. You are a sovereign God, and are faithful. Please comfort Jack's family, giving them peace and hope. Please guide the hands of the surgeons and doctors taking care of Jack, and guide the Kelly family through the recovery process. You are holy, God. It is your name we pray. Amen.

Renee said...

Thank you Jesus for the life of Jack.I pray in your mighty way Lord that you will show yourself victorious in this courageous young man. May he always be able to speak your name and give you glory. Keep his family strong and friends close. In the precious name of Jesus,Amen

Anonymous said...

Lord, you are the Great Physician and I pray that you will be with Jack tomorrow during his surgery. I pray that you will be with the doctors and nurses that will be in the operating room with him and guide their hands. Be with Jack's family and give them your peace. In Your Holy name we ask this. Amen.
Becky Gross

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, thank you for Jack. We want to pray for him and his family as they go into tomorrow. We want to pray for the doctors that will be performing the surgery and the nurses that will be standing by. We pray that you will be in the center of it all guiding the doctors through their work with Jack! We pray for a speedy recovery and healing process. We pray that you lift his family up through this time and that thy turn to you with all of their needs. In Jesus name amen!!!

Anonymous said...

You alone know the plans you have for Jack and his family. Thank you for bringing Jack to the Cleveland Clinic hospital and to the attention of the Thompson family, so that the prayers from Wadsworth OH may join with the prayers of those from Ireland and around the world on behalf of this young man. We join together begging you to heal this young man. Will you please guide the surgeons hands to find just the right amount of brain tissue, but not too much, so to allow Jack the ability to speak & function normally and without seizures. We thank you for all you have provided so far for Jack's care & medical treatment. And we give you the glory in what will be accomplished through this surgery. We pray for peace & comfort for his family as they wait the long ordeal. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus,
Please watch over everyone involved in Jack's surgery tomorrow. Let them all feel your healing presence!
Cindi from Ashland

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers for Jack, his family, and the physicians and nurses who will care for him throughout his surgery.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father, You have blessed us with the incredible gift of life, both here and in the heaven. You have gifted us with creation which shows Your mighty hand. You have gifted us with bodies which can do awesome things. And Father you have gifted us with knowledge of how our bodies work and function. Today, we ask that you bless the hands of the surgeons in Jack's surgery. May they use the gifts you have given them to glorify You. May tomorrow's surgery be a tool to show others how You are so very much involved in all of our lives. Strengthen Jack; Strengthen his family; Strengthen the doctors...and may tomorrow be a glorious day filled with thoughts of You. In the name of Your Son, Amen and Amen. Dan Frizell

Jess Javorek said...
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Jess Javorek said...

Almighty Healing Father, we are amazed at Your goodness and power! You make all things work together for Your good! We ask that you salvage Jack's speech and continue to protect him throughout his surgeries. Be with his family and surround them in Your loving, peace-giving arms. Keep them reaching for hope and believing in Your power. We pray for these things in Your name alone. Amen.

Anonymous said...

"Belief" is known to move mountains,
To divide seas and make a way
Through Jesus, The Great Provider
Just ask Him and you cannot stray
You don't have to fear his presence
Or even wonder what to say
Simple ask Him to be with you
And he,ll be there night and day
He's the greatest of all surgeons
Guiding hands to heal through prayer
Never abandoning his precious followers
Shown always with his care

Jack, he will watch over, he takes care of all, thats known
And all you do, is simple ask
No need for text or telephone
Jack, you're in safe hands
Feel no pain, fear no loss
Troubled moments will come and go
You'll be protected by the Boss
All our thoughts and prayers are with you
And the love of God will bring you through

Thinking of you Jack, and wishing all the best for you, big hugs and kisses beaming over to you,

Love from
Veronica & Eugene, Arron , Matthew and Kelly xx
Grace, Clive, Nicole, Ryan,Scott , Eric xx

Anonymous said...

To jack

Hope you come home soon
Really miss the one and only Jack kelly
Hope to see you soon
May God be with you always
and shine a light to light the way
We will always be there no matter what
We are always thinking of you

From your cousins at home
Nicole & Kelly-ann

Anonymous said...

May God be with Jack, his family, doctors and nurses.

Anonymous said...

Lord, I pray for your guidance tomorrow for Jack's surgical team. Lord, I pray for your healing touch and comfort for Jack as he undergoes yet another surgery. You are an awesome God and we know you will wrap your loving arms around Jack and his family. Amen.


Remember the sun won't always shine, There'll be thunder clouds and rain
Dreary days and stormy skies
sometimes there will be pain
Talk to God, He'll listen
When your future looks so dim
The sun will shine again for you
When you put your trust in Him....


Anonymous said...

Lord, OUR God. You are good. You are so good. Please bless your son, Jack. He is such a strong young man, but could really use some extra help while in a scary place so far from home. Bless his family. Bless his doctors. Bless his friends. Wrap your arms around them and show them your presence. Comfort them in this time.

Anonymous said...

tersalPraise God for the wonderful dotors at Cleveland Clinic who will be doing surgery on Jack in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father,
I ask that you watch over Jack as he goes through the surgery tomorrow. Help him to trust in You and to know that You are on His side and will be with him the whole way through. Comfort Jack's family and give them a peace of mind during Jack's surgery tomorrow. You are the Great Physician dear Lord and I trust that you will be guiding the Doctors hands and will lay Your healing hands on Jack for a quick and speedy recovery.
In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

Bec said...

Lord, We praise You that you have the power to heal and restore our lives. I ask that you intervene tomorrow morning as Jack is in surgery; that you comfort him, his mom, dad, and siblings before, during and after the surgery. Allow them to feel your love and to see your goodness. In your Name, Amen.


To my Godson, wishing you all the best for tomorrow,
I will not lead the way because I will walk in front of you!, I will not follow you as I will walk behind you but I will walk beside you and take you by the hand! And together we will get you back to the Promise Land,........Ireland!!!!

From you godfather Adrain and Jessica, Miah paul and darragh, hugs and kisses and can't wait to see back home in Irelandxxxxx

Connolly clan said...

All the best my little Jack... May God bless you and take care of you until we see you again..
May the Sacred Heart of Jesus take care of you and bring you home to safety

Hugs and kisses from Caroline Frank Sophia and Wayne Connollyxxxxxx

Jenn said...

Lord watch over jack and his family while they are on this journey.

kjbuch5 said...

Dear Jesus, You are an awesome powerful God! I pray that your hands would guide the surgeons as they work on Jack's brain. Also that Jack's speech would be untouch & unharmed by this surgery. You are able to do more than we can imagine! We love you &you now a miracle is there for Jack. In Jesus name......Amen!

Nakia Enriques said...

Father God in the name of Jesus, you are the great physician. And you said that by your stripes we are healed. I am standing on your word right now and am asking for a complete healing for both of these families. You know every need, want and desire that they have and I pray your will be done. I ask that everyone they come in contact with be covered with the blood of Jesus. I pray for strength and understanding for the families. I ask all of these things in Jesus' name Amen.


Where ever there's a song to sing
A friend that needs a hand
A cause to follow come what may
There is IRELAND

No latitude or longitude
Can bound the EMERALD ISLE
you'll find it in a pair of eyes
You'll find it in a smile

You'll know it by its laughter
You'll know it by its tears
You'll know it by the warmth of heart
That lasts through all the years

God bless you now and always
with the gift of irish cheer
God give to you a happy heart
And keep our little JACK so dear

To our special boy from All the Kelly gang Mayo and Kildare

Auntie Grace said...

We know not what tomorrow brings
although we plan ahead
For only God alone can know
the pathway we must tread
We cannot know the future
not one minute nor one hour
Each circumstance that we must face
lay only in HIS POWER
We cannot see the future
not the trials we must face
But in all things God's promised us
Sufficiency just like your

Thinking of you Jack looking forward to seeing you soon from Grace Clive Nicole Ryan Scott and Eric xxxx

Nakia Enriques said...

Father God in the name if Jesus you are the great physician, and you said that by you're stripes we would be healed. I am standing on your word right now and am asking for a complete healing for both of these families. I ask that you cover everyone that they come in contact with be covered with the blood of Jesus. You know every want, need and desire of each of them, and I pray your will be done. I pray that even the smallest occurance be a beacon of light to draw them closer to you. All these things I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen

Holly Z said...

We are keeping Jack and his family in our prayers! Thank you Lord for allowing us to meet him and share his journey with us. AMEN

Anonymous said...

Jack you have been in our prayers a long time now,and tomorrow will be no different.Nikkie Mick Micheala Luke and Alax you all have to keep strong and help jack get trough this,

Trish Murt Ciara Aoife and Jack Hanley

Anonymous said...

God be with you tomorrow Jack and all your family.

caroline ollie ally tommy and joe

Anonymous said...

Many prayers for Jack and his family. May God bless you!

The TiPSI Mom said...

Dear Lord,
I praise you and thank you for the gift of Jack. I ask you to be with him and all his family tomorrow as he undergoes this surgery. Grant them strength and grace as they wait for the outcome. Please protect his speech and all his faculties. Guide the hands of the surgeons and nurses performing the surgery and all the support staff who will be involved in his care. I ask this in the name of your Son who lives and reigns with you and in His Divine Mercy. Amen

Anonymous said...

Lord, you know I am not brillant with words, but I ask with the love a servants heart, please be with Jack and his family tomorrow. Give them your love and strength to follow the path they are on and know they are not alone. Guide the doctor's hand to bring an outcome that will show how you are in all of this. Amen. To Jack and your family...your name will be everywhere tomorrow (mirror, car, computer and cell phone) so every time I look at them I will say a special prayer for all of you. God Bless.

Wood said...

Dear God, be with Jack and his family tonight. Give them rest and peace tonight, safe in your arms. Let them see and know your presence. Guide the hands of the doctors tomorrow during surgery and ensure that his speech is saved, and strengthen Jack for surgery. Be glorified through this time, Lord. We know that you can do all things. Amen

Anonymous said...

Lord, I praise you for your provision in Jaks life, for the support that you have surrounded him with and how you have united these families. Lord I pray for doctors wisdom and for Jack strength. We give you praise knowing the best fighter in the ring is always you...amen

Go get'em Jack!

Rhonda Miller said...

Sending lots of prayers Jack's way! Lord, be with Jack and his family through this surgery!

Anonymous said...

God, please be in the hands and hearts of the doctors and nurses as they try to help Jack during this next surgery. Please give Jack and his family comfort and strength as they face these trials together. We lift them up to You and thank You for making a way to share their story with us. Our hope is in You! Amen.

The Winans Family in Canal Fulton, Ohio will continue to pray!

MamaG said...

Dear Lord,
We ask that you continue to look over Jack and his family. Help them know your goodness and love. Help Jack go into this surgery as a confident "fighter" knowing that You will guide his surgeon's hands. Be with his family tomorrow as they wait through his procedure. Please heal, as only you can.
Blessings for you Kelly family

I Like Birds said...

Lord, we praise you because you are so worthy of praise! We thank you for Jack and his family and Lord we ask that you give them a peace that transcends all understanding. We ask that you remove any fear or anxiety that they may have with Jacks health and his surgery. And we ask that guide the hands of the doctors and instruments they use as they perform this delicate surgery. We thank you for the miracle of life and the wisdom of the medical community. May you continue to bless this family and all who surround them. In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN!!!

Zachritz Family said...

Jack, may God fully heal you! May you testify of His great Love!!! Thank you Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack & family,
A beautiful "prayer meeting" via the internet! Hearts and minds in one accord with love for brothers & sisters in Christ throughout the world. We're saying "amen!" to all of the above -- beautiful prayers for you of hope and healing knowing that our Almighty & Compassionate Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are working on your behalf. Ps. 139 speaks of God's Omniscience & Omnipresence -- He know everything about us and is with us through every situation -- protecting, loving, guiding. We praise Him for His comforting Presence & Almighty Power on your behalf. May you know Him & trust Him in even greater ways at this time. We'll be praying for all of you, but especially for you, Jack.
The Whites from UMC in Wadsworth

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, I lift up Jack and his family during this long journey. Please be with him tomorrow during the surgery. Let him feel your comfort and peace before, during, and after the surgery. Please bring peace and comfort to his family as they wait to see how everything goes. Also, give the doctors wisdom and the skills necessary to do this surgery and protect his speech. Be with the nurses as well as they take care of Jack. Please also bring comfort to his family back in Ireland. All this we ask in your Son's name, Amen.

Steph Wright said...

Heavenly Father,
We praise you for bringing the Kelly family to the US and for the bond you have formed between them and the Thompson family. We trust every part of your plan for each of these families is perfect. We pray for Jack tomorrow, that you would lay your healing hand upon him and give his body strength to heal. We ask that you be with the surgeons, guide their hands, make them steady, and preserve Jack's speech. We also ask that you be with the nurses that will care for him, that they would do so with compassion. Bless his family as they draw closer to each other and to you through this trial. We ask these things in your glorious name, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, We pray by the blood of Jesus, that Jack will have a successful surgery. Please lift up Jack's family and give them peace. We ask that you arm the doctors and staff with their best game and you give them wisdom and patience as they operate on Jack. thank you, Father. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

The TiPSI Mom said...

All the Canadian cousins said a rosary for you tonight Jack! God Bless and bring you home again soon!


dear lord i pray for jack and his family i pray you bless jack and hiss family and give tham the faith that they need for tommorrow and i pray you bring jack through the surgery and recovery wellord in your holy name i pray amen

Anonymous said...

Praying dearly for Jack & his family for his surgery on Monday. Praying for Little precious Chaia to be able to sustain on her own. Just "met" all of you last night on this blog through a dear friend Holly Zakikian. Will keep up on posts & continually pray for her & your family for God to do THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!! You have gave me hope and guidance to face a current situation in my own life. Amanda

Anonymous said...

God, I believe you when Jesus said that "ALL things are possible for the one who believes". We believe that Your portion for Jack is to have complete speech and health. This is what we trust for in Jesus strong and mighty name. Your heart is love and Your presence is powerful. Come Holy Spirit, and comfort, heal, protect, and send this family home with greater joy and understanding of your presence than when they came. Thank you for bringing the Thompsons and Jack's family together :) You are AWESOME!

(Will continue to pray in the morning on my drive to work)

From: Chaia's Aunt Alicia :)

Anonymous said...

To a great cousin . Jack you are a brave fighter and you are going to stay that way . I cant wait to see you again . I have been praying for you all the time and I am going to be praying for you all day . Love you lots . ciara!:)

Anonymous said...

hi jack i wish i was there to say good luck but im not so i will just say it now GOOD LUCK!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Prayers are with you Jack and family!

Anonymous said...

Jack you are in our thoughts and prayers. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus we place all our trust in thee. Maureen Healy and family

Quinlans said...

Best of luck Jack and to Nikki and Michael and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today especially.
Lovew, Seamus, Judy, Declan and Riona xx

Anonymous said...

Since we first learned of Jack's illness our thoughts and prayers have been with you everyday. Because of the enormous human decission ye have to make this week our thougths and prayers are with you and for every moment. We know that because of the good people ye are, whatever decission ye make it will be the best one. May all Divine and Human goodness combine to bring about a return to full health for Jack and the well deserved happiness for all your family, which ye have so lovingly earned.

Love and Prayers PJ and Eileen Kelly and Family. xxxxxx

virginiap said...

Dear God, as I type you Jack is in surgery. Please protect and watch over him in the coming hours and days. Also guide the hands and minds of his surgeons, doctors, and nurses so that they may be sure and adept. Lord, please also watch over Jack's family and friends as they wait. Waiting is so hard, and I pray they will feel Your presence and comfort now, and in the coming days. You are an awesome God, and I know You love these good people --Your own sons and daughters. It is these things I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

Roberta said...

Heavenly Father, and Great Physician, I pray that you give Jack the strength he needs today for his surgery,the peace and calm that only you can give, the knowledge that you walk with him and carry him when he doesn't have the strength to do it alone, and he knows you more deeply than ever!

And Lord, I pray that you guide the surgeons' hands and all the people involved. Give them calm, clear minds and the ability to help this child.

In Jesus Holy name...please heal this boy!

Tony,Trish,Anthony and Ben said...

To Jack,
You are always in our thoughts and prayers.We are delighted your operation went so well and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Love always Trish,Tony,Anthony and Ben Healy

Joanne Sadlon said...

Good morning, Jack!
I am thinking about you and praying for you, and waiting to hear how you are doing after your surgery. I love the words to this old hymn and I love the idea of taking hold of God's powerful hand!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus;
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
Take hold of His powerful hand.
He will lift you up in His mighty love.
In the strength of your God you can stand.

Get well soon! You will stand, you will walk, you will talk, you will proclaim God's greatness!

Peace be with you and your family!