Friday, October 14, 2011

The EPIC Weekend Challenge

Alright, so many of you are tracking with Chaia on here and on Facebook. Some of you are still trying to figure out how to make Chaia's picture your facebook profile pic. It's ok...this is a safe place.

I had an idea. Shaina and I have stayed afloat because of the prayers and encouragement. We have also persevered because of music that has been right on time. So, ya'll are a creative bunch, so I thought we could have some fun, have some prayer and have some music.

On Facebook, I'm asking you to put a song from Youtube on Shaina and I's walls that somehow deals with the word 'Heart'. Write a prayer that ties in to the song. It can be fun, deeply theological, encouraging, etc. I'm challenging you all to put up 150 songs with the word 'heart' tied into the song by the end of the weekend.

So find the song you're thinking of on Youtube. Click the facebook icon below the video to share the song on Facebook. Then in the message part of Facebook, use the @ sign and then my name and the @sign and Shaina's name. Write your prayer for Chaia's heart after that. Figure out what number of song you are on our wall (so we can see if we are getting close to the challenge goal of 150.)

1. No doing multiple songs. You get one crack at it.
2. No country music. Violators will be prosecuted.
3. No 'R' Rated songs or videos. Preserve Chaia's innocence.
4. No duplicate songs. That is cheating and you will be sent to Ohio State or the Tour de France if you cheat.

You can check out our Walls. I've got us started.

Days in the hospital are long and often stressful.

At least this will pass the weekend time! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Tough rules! But I guess we'll play by your rules. :) Thanks for putting directions for us technologically challenged people (although I will still have Jay and Brandie help me, I am sure!). Love you guys and keeping the prayers coming. Sharon and Bruce PS We'll add Jack and his family to our prayers too. Thanks for giving us his address.