Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leadership Lesson. Get a Glimpse.

The Lord said to Moses, "go up to the top of Pisgah and look around you to the west, to the north, to the south, and to the east. Look well, for you shall not cross over this Jordan. But charge Joshua, and encourage and strengthen him, because it is he who shall cross over at the head of this people and who shall secure their possession of the land that you will see."

Moses had to be crushed. One slip up cost him the chance to lead Israel to the land promised hundreds of years before to their ancestors, Abraham, Isaace and Jacob. All Moses would taste of the Promised Land was a glimpse. He was going to die with the rest of the Israelites who were 20 years or older (except Joshua and Caleb!)

But along with the glimpse of the Promised Land, Moses got a glimpse of how it would all go down...Joshua would lead the people. So Moses could pity himself and Israel because they didn't get as far as they thought they should. Or he could pave the way for the next leader to take them further than Moses ever could.

Whether you're a lead pastor, a paid church servant or an unpaid servant leader of a small band of people, your number one aim is to get a glimpse of God for where He wants to take your group. 3 years from now. 10 years from now. 20 years from now. And if and when He breathes that vision into you, you have to ask yourself if you're willing to serve and lead in ways that allow young eagles to spread their wings or if you're clipping them for your own glory, your own security, your own image.

Moses had the chance to bury the whole movement out of disappointment and bitterness that he wasn't going to be 'the man'. It is much the same with all of us in leadership positions. Will we set others up for success as our successors.

What is the glimpse from God you need and what heart issues need overcome to encourage and strengthen a young eagle to take the ministry you've invested in to the Promised Land?

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