Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pray for the Longs!

My sister Becky is pregnant with their 3rd little babe. He is about 28 weeks in and Becky is showing some signs of pre-term labor. Little Benito (name has not been verified as of yet...perhaps Benoit or Benton or Benificent?) needs to go away from the light over the next few weeks so he can get to a better birthweight.

Pray for God to have his hand on the Long Family...For there to be a 'cork' that keeps labor from happening for a few weeks. For mom and baby to thrive. And for this baby boy to like Hide N Seek as much as his brother and sister...or my relevance as an uncle will diminish significantly.

Our God is more than able.


Becky said...

Thanks Ben - will take those names into consideration :o) Love you!

Jackie Thompson said...

I kind of like Jack for a name, but prayers are being sent from lots of places