Monday, August 8, 2011

EPIC Weekend Part One


Got to see a long time friend and his family who were up from North Carolina. Mike and Courtney and their 4 little ones are a blast and an adorable family.

After some fun visiting them in Canton, Shaina and I dropped off the bean at Grandma Thompson's house...where she successfully had multiple diaper blowouts (Good job Chaia! Just like we trained you!)

Meanwhile, I took Shaina to Red Lobster for our anniversary (which is coming up tomorrow!)

I'm not a big sea food guy, but I am a big Shaina guy and she likes the stuff so I lather my shrimp and scallops in bbq sauce and stock up on the cheddar biscuits and everything is just fine. We then went back to get the bean and spent some time with Grandma watching the tribe build a lead they would blow later that night.

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